Apple iOS 9.3 to bring new 3D Touch shortcuts: see them here

Every 's' generation iPhone features roughly the same design as its predecessor, but despite the lack of visual change, each one of them comes with a stand-out feature that is easy to remember: for the iPhone 4s that was Siri, in the iPhone 5s that was the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and in the iPhone 6s this one most remembered feature is clearly 3D Touch.

Adding a new layer of sensitivity to the traditional paradigm of tapping and swiping, 3D Touch holds a huge promise. For many apps it currently acts as a kind of a right click functionality, but unfortunately, not all apps - even the apps made by Apple - support it. Such key omissions include apps like the Settings and Stocks apps among others.

In iOS 9.3, Apple will be adding 3D Touch to most of its first party apps that are still missing it. The list of apps that get 3D Touch with the update includes: Settings, Health, Stocks, Weather, App Store, and Compass.

And the additions are neat: you can - finally! - change the wallpaper on your iPhone easily via a 3D Touch on the Settings icon (previously, a simple action like changing the wallpaper required a series of taps in the settings menus). You can also easily search for stocks, jump directly to the weather for one of your favorite locations, as well as see your Medical ID via a 3D Touch on the Health app. Check out all the new shortcuts that will come into force with iOS 9.3 right below. Useful, aren't they?


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