Nokia's Stephen Elop: "We are planning a lot of exciting things with Verizon as well"

Nokia's Stephen Elop: "We are planning a lot of exciting things with Verizon as well"
In an interview with CNET, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop waxed poetic about the path that the company has taken with Windows Phone again, and apologized for the limited Lumia 920 supply, saying that the Finns are working hard to meet demand, and the situation has improved.

When the talk came to the Lumia 920 exclusivity with AT&T, though, Stephen Elop commented that they just wanted a focused approach with one carrier, which would set aside more resources, and make Nokia's flagship phone a "hero device", promoting it hard through retail store displays and front office employees.

This, however, doesn't mean everyone else will be left hanging, apparently, as Mr Elop hinted they have a little something in store for the largest US carrier, too: 

There have been rumors for a while about an exclusive PureView camera with 20 something megapixels resolution from Nokia that might be heading to Verizon, and talks from Stephen Elop himself about PureView Phase 3 devices in the labs, which might merge the OIS of the 920 and lossless zoom of the 808 into a complete package, so we cross fingers that is the case here. 

Nokia's CEO also became more philosophical during the interview about the company culture he had found and tried to keep:

One thing is for sure about Stephen Elop - he is always pumped about the product, and ready to explain strategic decisions thoroughly. Nokia's comeback might have taken more time than investors thought, but Nokia certainly is been a big and clumsy ship to turn around, though the moves seem to be working, if the skyrocketing stock price is any indication.

source: CNET

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