Nokia survey hints at Windows Phone 7.8 features

Nokia survey hints at Windows Phone 7.8 features
What is alleged to be a Nokia feedback survey just might hold the answers to the question of what features will be coming in Windows Phone 7.8. The update is believed to be coming sometime early next year and the new features from Microsoft have already been disclosed such as the updated start screen and resizable LiveTiles. Other new features from Microsoft that we have already known about include the Bing Lock Screen image of the day and the 20 new color theme accents.

Nokia Lumia users will have some special features including a cinemagraph add-on that lets you create movie-like animation, a new camera function that lets you remove unwanted passers-by or other unwanted people from a picture, a ringtone maker application, updated contacts transfer and contact share apps. Obviously, those with Nokia branded models getting the update are getting the best of both worlds.

It's not Windows Phone 8, but then again, it was never meant to be.

source: WMPoweruser



1. ChiX017

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2. dr_fajardo12

Posts: 134; Member since: Aug 26, 2012

i think is pretty cool. microsoft should nokia make a few change in wp8

3. groupsacc

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I really don't quite understand the Windows Phone ecosystem. Please excuse my ignorance, as I'm not very familiar with them. I thought that WPs were like iPhones, so OEMs cannot upload their own system framework and customised launchers on them like Android. Resulting in much faster deployment of upgrades. I've also thought that all WPs were upgradeable to the latest OS? Why are they still on 7.8 upgrade due next year, when 8 is already released??

4. bayusuputra

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because of the different kernel used in WP8 compared to earlier WP, WP7.5 phones are not upgradable to WP8.. It's sort of like the cross-breed between iOS and Android.. Close source like iOS, but OEMs are allowed to put in their own system frameworks here and there as long as they get approval from MS.. and actually, iOS and android are the same, they both allow OEMs to customize the OS to their liking.. But again, the only OEM for iOS is apple.. :P

7. groupsacc

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ahhh that makes sense. thanks bro.

5. rsiders

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So all these leaks and tidbits of information are coming from Nokia while Microsoft is saying nothing? Microsoft needs to confirm some things other than "coming soon" cause not everyone owns a Nokia phone.

6. phil2n

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Thats why Nokia is one of best Phone Makers

8. sportsinger75

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it'd be cool if we just got the update instead of just getting leaks like we have the past few months...

9. gazmatic

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i think it is best if they test it first and not release a half baked update like android that brings more bugs if the update is buggy after such a long time THEN we can complain which do you prefer? a quick update with bugs or a slow update with all the kinks worked out?

10. MC1123

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pretty cool!

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