Nokia quarrels with O2 about its Windows Phones marketing, hesitant to stock the first batch with the carrier

Nokia quarrels with O2 about WP7 marketing, hesitant to stock its first batch with the carrier
It looks like the first Nokia Windows Phone might not be seeing the light of day in any O2 UK store, since Nokia, reportedly pissed off at the carrier about the marketing metrics, could have withdrawn plans to offer the new lineup on O2.

Apparently Nokia has strict requirements about store displays, training, promotion and sales targets, something that most Windows Phone manufacturers and Microsoft so far have been weak at. O2 didn't want to ruin its warm relationship with Apple, though, and demanded that the new iPhone be prominent in its stores instead of the Nokia Windows Phones. O2's retail chief, however, had said he is not aware of such problems about stocking the first Nokia Windows Phone.

If this story is true, how is this going to affect Nokia's planned $130 million marketing campaign for its Windows Phones in the UK, and which other carriers might get exclusive rights there, is up in the air.

From the whole issue we can make two grand conclusions - first that Nokia will be going all-in marketing its Windows Phones, insofar as jeopardizing ties with carriers that don't comply with its requirements. Second - those phones might be ready shortly after the launch of the next iPhone, which is expected to be mid-October, after an event at the Cupertino campus next week unveiling it. 

Hard to believe, but we might indeed see an announcement detailing the first batch of Nokia Windows Phones at Nokia World October 26, followed by appearance in stores in November, nine months after the Finns announced they are going the Microsoft way.

source: MobileNews via WPCentral

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