Nokia N8 contains $187.47 worth of parts

Nokia N8 contains $187.47 worth of parts
Just last week, we reported that iFixit had disassembled a Nokia N8 and found that it was durable and a snap to repair. Now iSuppli comes along, looks at the parts, and calculates that the Nokia N8 contains $187.47 worth of materials. The profit margin on this device appears to be high enough to make a Nokia stockholder sing out in delight as the phone is being sold for 529 EUR and $549 USD on its Finnish and U.S. web sites respectively. As a comparison, the Apple iPhone 4, as we told you back in the Summer, was broken down by iSuppli and found to be made up of $187.51 of parts. That phone retails for $748.99 unlocked on Amazon, or $199.99 subsidized through AT&T.

The most expensive component on the N8 is Samsung's 3.5 inch AMOLED display and touchscreen, which comes in at $39.25. $37.12 is spent on the unit's 16GB in mass memory and the Carl Zeiss lens equipped camera tips the scales at $31.08. The N8 is Nokia's strongest effort to date in what seems like a never ending battle to compete with the Apple. To this end, the Finnish based firm has upgraded to capacitive screens from resistive displays, and is offering a 12MP camera with this handset. Both smartphones are equipped with a front facing camera for video chats.

"Regardless of some of the extra high-end features, likethe 12-megapixel camera, the budgetary range for the end productis similar to all the other smart phones competing in the iPhonespace,” according to iSuppli analyst Andrew Wassweilwer, who continued, "One would assume Nokia, given theirpresence and market share, still has very high leverage oncomponent costs with suppliers."

The Nokia N8 debuted the new Symbian^3 OS and the manufacturer says it plans on selling 50 million units containing the software, including the N8. As far as the analysis done by iSuppli, Nokia representatives could not be reached for comment.

Nokia N8 Specifications | Review

source: Bloomberg

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1. android_hitman unregistered

steve is hungry for money .. :)) nokia, not so much :P

2. hollow man unregistered

That is only the parts!!! Dont forget logistics, labor and overhed royalty etc. And in the case of the iphone I asume that the charge you 200 dlls more because of all the marketing and "gifts" to web pages that make you think that the iphone is the best phone

3. kamuscasio unregistered

Carl Zeiss said that the lens used in the N8 is the first of its kind in the world. with 5 aspherical optics and all. so how can this so called analysis knows the price of the lens? just a rough estimate? if the lens is made by some Taiwan company named Genius Electronic Optical (supplier for iPhone4), then it would not be so hard to estimate the price. Now we're talking Carl Zeiss, with a new product.

4. Mr x unregistered

Man nokia even price of hardwear they copied from iPhone only the camera let's say make a big different I think nokia even don't have any thing in this device only the body but the other hardwear made by samsung and toshibia and carl zies. Maybe the next iPhone what I'm thinking the camera hardwear it will made by canon Who knows what steve jobs hidden

5. sg unregistered

iphone 4 was the same thing and so was the droid 2 I think

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