Nokia N8 disassembled, found to be durable and easy to repair

Nokia N8 disassembled, found to be durable and easy to repair
There has always been some magic involved in prying open one of your gadgets to see what's inside. The skilled folks over at iFixit have done the treatment to a Nokia N8, and are pretty confident the phone is built to last, or at least can be fairly easy to repair.

Since the handset is mostly made of aluminum, which diminishes cell phone signal, the antennas are cleverly placed near the plastic plates at both sides of the phone. This will certainly help to avoid the issues that plagued the iPhone 4 due to the metal bezel around it, which cuts off signal when held in a certain way. Nokia also has integrated a large EMI shield in the mid-plane to protect the main circuits, and also thermal pads to dissipate heat.

Good words are mentioned also about the Xenon camera with its large capacitor, whereas the comment on Nokia's claim that the battery is non-removable is as follows: "sure, Nokia, sure". The AMOLED screen is not glued to the glass, so it can be easily swapped if the thing breaks. Overall, iFixit assigns to Nokia N8 a repairability score of 8 out of 10.

Nokia N8 Specifications | Review

source: iFixit

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