Nokia City Lens for Lumia models out of beta, now official

Nokia City Lens for Lumia models out of beta, now official
If you're a Nokia Lumia owner with time on your hands, the Augmented Reality based Nokia City Lens might just be able to find you something to do. Now out of beta and official, the app uses a combination of AR technology, the camera on your Lumia, the compass on your phone and its accelerometer to find you places to go to keep you busy. It was just two weeks ago that Nokia City Lights was the recipient of an update to version 1.1. Perhaps because the program just became official, it does not show up in the Nokia Collection. Searching for it also doesn't appear to work. However, we do have a link that you can use to find the app although you might have to wait for it to hit your Marketplace server as this link was leaked a little too early.

While both the last beta version and first official version show as build 1.1, there is a good chance that they are one and the same. If you've never seem the app in action, you can look back at a video that we showed you back in January and view how Nokia City Lens works. This way, the next time you have time to kill, you can whip out your Nokia Lumia and load up Nokia City Lens.

source: WPCentral


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