New report says that three companies told the FBI that they could hack Farook's Apple iPhone 5c

New report says that three companies told the FBI that they could hack Farook's Apple iPhone 5c
Remember last year when the FBI went to court demanding that Apple unlock the Apple iPhone 5c that belonged to the so-called San Bernardino terrorist, Syed Farook? Even though Farook had been cut down by police bullets on the streets of Sam Bernardino, the DOJ felt that his handset would contain the name of accomplices. Apple refused to develop the special version of iOS that would have been required to meet the FBI's demand. The tech titan feared that if such software were to get into the wrong hands, the privacy of every iPhone users would be at risk.

Because Farook's iPhone employed a Passcode, it took ultimately took a mysterious hacker group to unlock Farook's phone. Apple immediately demanded that the FBI reveal how it was able to unlock the phone without its help. And while months have gone by without Apple announcing whether it had received an answer from the G-Men, the media filed its own suit demanding answers.

Now, the government has finally released a 100 page report on the whole investigation. While names and certain information was redacted, the report states that three companies approached the FBI, asking for the job of unlocking Farook's iPhone 5c. The names of these firms were not revealed in the report, but the published material shows that the FBI did hire one of them for an undisclosed amount of money. The FBI had the company sign a non-disclosure agreement. While not a sure thing, it would certainly seem as though it was this unnamed company that was able to unlock Farook's iPhone 5c.

As it turned out, the whole affair was a waste of time and money. Farook's iPhone 5c was opened and the FBI went over it with a fine tooth comb, but found no useful information inside.

source: CNET

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