Apple's new ad for the Apple Watch Series 4 says that there's a better you waiting to get out

Apple has been marketing its smartwatch as a tool to make you healthy. The Apple Watch monitors your heart rate and workouts, and can be set to send you a notification if you have been off your feet for 50 minutes. And once you're on your feet, good things can start to happen. You could start to walk. After a while, that could turn into jogging, running, swimming and other vigorous exercises. Apple has released a new ad for the Apple Watch Series 4 and the tag line says it all, "There's a better you in you."

The Apple Watch Series 4 launched yesterday with a larger edge-to-edge display compared to the previous versions of the timepiece. It allows as many as eight complications to be viewed at one time, including a new UV Index scale that lets you know in advance how much sunscreen to put on before going outside. And of course, the Apple Watch Series 4 features the ability to give you an ECG reading, which might save your life by alerting you to any abnormal heart rhythms that you might be experiencing.

Apple considers its smartwatch to be a motivator that gets you moving and into shape. If you want to see how it does this, click on the video at the top of this story.

The Apple Watch is the most popular watch in the world. Note that the preceding sentence doesn't say most popular smartwatch in the world. The Apple Watch Series 4 GPS starts at $399, and the GPS + Cellular is priced at $499 and up.
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