Mayer: Yahoo has 340 million mobile users monthly

Mayer: Yahoo has 340 million mobile users monthly
On Tuesday afternoon, Yahoo announced its latest quarterly earnings report. While the company did beat analysts' expectations for Q2 in terms of earnings, it did lower expectations about future revenue for the rest of the year. More importantly, CEO Marissa Mayer passed along some information on how Yahoo's mobile strategy was faring.

According to Mayer, Yahoo now has 340 million mobile viewers monthly. While she didn't give any older figure for comparison, she did say that it has increased its mobile workforce by 6 times. Some of the newcomers in the deepartment found themselves on Yahoo's payroll thanks to an acquisition. Yahoo recently purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion. And mobile seems to be paying off nicely for Mayer and her company.

Since launching a tablet app version of Yahoo mail, the number of daily active users on the mobile version of Yahoo mail has increased 120%. Since launching the new Yahoo app with Summly integration, the average number of daily users has increased by 55% while the average amount of time spent viewing the app rose by 60%. Page views grew year-over-year.

Mobile is one of four key areas that Mayer is counting on for future growth for Yahoo. She says that Mobile is "still early," but is "growing quickly."

source: TechCrunch




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Pretty looking women™ I use Yahoo mail and browse. But never use search engine. Google Ftw®

4. mi55u unregistered

Pretty Apple Fangirl you say...

11. james004

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yahoo mail? its still alive?

2. darkkjedii

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That Mayer chick is hot.

8. MartianMe unregistered

Dude i always thought u were gay with all those pics of muscle guys and all...Lol

10. darkkjedii

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So if I was fat, you'd think I was straight?

12. roldefol

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I just assumed he was a narcissist.

14. darkkjedii

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Nahhhh not obsessed with myself, I am a hunk though.

3. gazmatic

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There is a yahoo mobile? Yahoo is so 2005 and their spam filters suck. I keep getting propositions from people I "met" on Facebook. does anybody here use yahoo?

5. itsdeepak4u2000

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Pretty hot woman, but I don't think so that much people are using it.

6. microsoftnokiawin

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she's a pretty smart CEO !

7. MartianMe unregistered

I'd do her.

9. AsisHaas

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Not bad Yahoo!

13. roldefol

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Typical PA. Nobody really cares about Yahoo, but if you post a pic of Marissa, you get hits and horndog comments. Hell, I fell for it myself.

15. zennacko unregistered

Count me in, Marissa is the cutest CEO ever! (And Microsoft would be more popular if it was Marissa, and not Ballmer as the CEO, even though she loves shopping for other companies, and with a multi-billion budget she'd go all out...)

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