Lynky is the first Google Assistant supported smart speaker to sport a touchscreen

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The other day, we told you that Google was working on a version of its Google Home smart speaker that includes a touchscreen. The device currently has a code name of "Quartz," and will compete with two Amazon Echo models that both feature a display. The Amazon Echo Show comes with a 7-inch screen, and in December, the Amazon Echo Spot will launch carrying a round 2.5-inch screen.

As it turns out, the "Quartz" will not be the first Google Assistant powered smart speaker to come with a touchscreen. That honor goes to Lynky. Offered on Inidegogo by China's i-Home Technology for an early bird price of $99 (that's a 33% discount from the $149 regular price), this smart speaker carries a 5-inch HD touchscreen display (720 x 1280 resolution) and can sit on your desktop, or replace a light switch and get mounted on a wall.

The first shipments are estimated to ship in January 2018 assuming that the $30,000 funding target can be met. With about a month remaining in the Indiegogo campaign, $2,391 has been raised by 15 backers. But smart speakers are a red hot (albeit quite crowded) category, so it is way too early to draw any conclusions about whether Lynky can meet the funding goal.

As with all smart speakers, Lynky can control smart appliances inside a smart house thanks to the inclusion of Google Assistant on board. The latter can also provide users with the latest weather, news, sports scores, movie times, stock prices and more.

source: Indiegogo via AndroidPolice

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