Google reportedly prepping version of Google Home with a screen

Google reportedly prepping version of Google Home with a screen
Google apparently plans on producing a new Google Home smart speaker with a screen so that users will be able to watch YouTube videos, get directions from Google Maps, browse the web, and more. The product is said to carry the code name of "Quartz," and was discovered during a teardown of the latest Google app (v.7.14.15). References were found that included YouTube, and the words video and browser.

Currently, Amazon sells the Echo Show which features a 7-inch screen. Last month, Google pulled YouTube from the device because Amazon refused to allow users to select autoplay as an option. In addition, Echo Show users were not allowed to subscribe to YouTube channels. Last month, Amazon introduced another Echo with a screen, the Echo Spot. This model features a round 2.5-inch display, and will launch on December 19th.

The Google Home allows users to control the smart appliances in their homes, get the latest weather, news, sports scores, set alarms and timers and much more. Adding a screen makes the smart speaker even more useful. It also will extend Google's lineup which now features the Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini.

source: AndroidPolice



1. Phullofphil

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Cool I am first

4. sgodsell

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You comment that you have all Apple and don't want to get a Google Home. Yet you make 3 comments. So in other words you are going to get a Siri Homepod. Ah, yes the dumbest assistant on the market. You would have an easier time communicating with a deaf and blind person, than talking to Siri.

2. Phullofphil

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Still probably won’t get one. Because I don’t want to have an Apple phone and computer and google home. To much different ai conflictions

3. Phullofphil

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5. themobileupdates

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haha cool i am forth

6. cnour

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Haha cool I don’t care.

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