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Liveblog: Google I/O 2017 Keynote Address

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Liveblog: Google I/O 2017 Keynote Address

It is hard to overstate the anticipation of what Google has in store for the world as it kicks off its developer conference today. There have been so many changes in just the past year or two, it is difficult to know where to begin. There was a lot of excitement over several projects Google was shepherding, but many of those cupboards are now bare.


Two years ago, we were introduced to Project Jacquard, which developed conductive textiles that could be stitched into clothing thus allowing the creation of connected, and stylish apparel. Last year, we saw Levi Strauss introduce the first product to use this technology. Called the Commuter Trucker Jacket, it was slated for release this spring (since pushed back to “this fall”), and will cost at least $350.

An accompanying development, called Project Soli, a near-field radar that would allow interface manipulation on a granular level using hands and fingers. It was introduced two years ago, demoed again last year, and has been well off the radar since.

And who can forget Project Ara? Project Abacus? Project Vault?

All of these were developed under Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). The team’s website has not been touched since before Ara was killed. The schedule makes no mention of ATAP, so we are just sort of wondering if there is anything left of that team.

To their credit, Project Tango is now a thing, and is in the market.

Android O

Liveblog: Google I/O 2017 Keynote Address
It is a reasonable certainty that we get an official rundown about all Android O has to offer, including a commitment to a second developer preview deployment. With that, we should see several more features revealed during the Keynote, and given our mobile geekiness, that is what we are really excited about.

The other Androids, AR/VR, Chrome, Andromeda, et al

The rest is all up for speculation. The other Android platforms do not have the same development timeline as the mobile OS, but it is not unrealistic to see some new features noted for Android Wear, Android Auto, or Android TV. We sure would not mind seeing something that made Allo more relevant (like SMS compatibility), but we are not holding our breath.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will certainly be in the picture. Computing beyond the mobile space will also be something worth keeping an eye out for, but again, the rumors driving this (Android on PCs, Andromeda, whatever it could be called) have been just about 100% wrong. However, it does make sense given the anticipated expansion of Google Assistant capabilities.

An exciting Keynote

Last year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked about the expected migration from “mobile first” to an “AI-first” world. We fully expect to see significant advances in Google’s machine learning initiatives as the unstoppable force behind everything else that comes to bear at this year's Google I/O.

All will be revealed at the Google I/O 2017 Keynote address! We will be liveblogging it here, so keep your browser open for us and we will share the news as it is announced! The Keynote is scheduled to begin at 10:00AM PT | 12:00 Noon CT | 1:00PM ET | 6:00PM GMT!

Live event tracker

14:02That's a wrap! Keep checking back with PhoneArena.com for more coverage of #Googleio2017!
14:01"I believe we're on the verge of solving many of the world's problems."
14:00This feature will connect job seekers and employers. Will launch in a few weeks. #Googleio2017
13:58Google for Jobs is more than a job search, it helps match real work and skills. #Googleio2017
13:55This young developer worked on a way to help detect breast cancer. He used all open-source data.
13:54Now we're getting ready to top things off with a developer story. #Googleio2017
13:52Immersive Computing. That's AR and VR to Google.
13:49Virtual Positioning Service, VPS, can help you find exactly where you are, using visual cues.
13:47The Asus Zenfone AR will launch this summer.
13:46The VR reference design will be made with help from Qualcomm, HTC, and Lenovo.
13:45Google confirmed a dedicated VR headset. #Googleio2017
13:44The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ will be ready with a software update.
13:43LG's next flagship will support Daydream later this year... A V30? #Googleio2017
13:42Now for some VR/AR action. #Googleio2017
13:41Optimized apps will be highlighted in Google Play. #Googleio2017
13:39YouTube go helps pick how much data you use, as well as provide a preview. #Googleio2017
13:37Connectivity and data management are at the forefront for Android Go. #Googleio2017
13:36Android Go, for devices with non flagship specs. (1GB RAM or less). #Googleio2017
13:34The first Beta release of Android O is available today. #Googleio2017
13:33Kotlin is officially now part of the Android platform. Developers were thrilled!
13:31OS optimization keeps battery drain and resource usage in check. Developers can also better see how their apps use resources. #Googleio2017
13:30Google Play Protect is now a thing. Scans and keeps apps in check. #Googleio2017
13:29Vitals are about keeping your device in shape.
13:26Smart Text Selection makes it easier to select and copy text.
13:25Auto-fill with Google will make it easier getting through things when setting up new phones or apps.
13:23Notification Dots, an enhanced badge notification in Android O.
13:22Picture in picture is coming to Android O.
13:21Fluid Experiences in Android O.
13:2082b app downloads!
13:20Coming this year. #Googleio2017
13:19Android Auto has seen a 10x increase in usage over the past year. #Googleio2017
13:17Now, Android! #Googleio2017
13:17The Slo-Mo-Guys YouTube demo showed how to connect creators and consumers.
13:13Now a live stream demo with Super Chat, which enables users to contribute, and creators to earn.
13:10Live 360 is also coming to the living room. #Googleio2017
13:09You can manipulate the viewpoint using a remote.
13:09YouTube 360 is coming to the living room. #Googleio2017
13:08Do you watch YouTube on your TV?
13:041 billion hours per day of YouTube! #Googleio2017
13:01Now for some updates about YouTube. #Googleio2017
13:00Google Lens is coming to Google Photos later this year. #Googleio2017
12:58Pricing will start at $9.99. Photo Books launches this week.
12:57Google Photos will even suggest images to use, which can then be printed into a tailored book, hard or soft cover. #Googleio2017
12:56Photo Books takes some of the work out of finding the right photos for a collection. #Googleio2017
12:52Recipients of Shared Libraries can also set up automatic saving. #Googleio2017

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