Leaked photo from the HTC One's camera hits Flickr

Leaked photo from the HTC One's camera hits Flickr
By now, you probably know that the HTC M7is going to be called the HTC One. A tweet from reliable source @evleaks helped to spread that information. Now, @evleaks has tweeted a picture. It's not just any photo, but one that is said to have been taken by the camera on the HTC One. Another thing that you probably recall is that the camera on the device is going to be marketed as having 4.3UP, or ultrapixels. Three 4.3MP layers are wrapped over the camera sensor to produce a sharper picture with better color representation.

The EXIF data from the picture tweeted by@evleaks shows that it comes from a device called the HTC One,although EXIF data can be easily faked. The data did not show the resolution of the photo, but recent shots taken by the account user, sq030, showed resolution of 1520 x 2688, or about 4.1MP. But only the most recent photo shows that it was taken by the HTC One. The user seems to be a quality assurance employee at HTC.

HTC plans on really playing up the ultrapixel camera for the device, and the fun and games should start on February 19th when HTC holds a press conference at which time the phone will be announced.

source: Twitter via AndroidAuthority

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