Poll: LG is out, which company will replace it? Same old, same old... - PhoneArena

Poll: LG is out, which company will replace it? Same old, same old...

Poll: LG is dead, which company will replace it? Same old, same old...
UPDATE: The results are in and they're not surprising at all. With the state of the US smartphone market at the moment, the two big players - Apple and Samsung - will most likely absorb LG's share. Many of you want to see Sony and Motorola taking a bite, with OnePlus up there as well. If you ask us, the more - the merrier. We really doubt that Xiaomi, HTC, Nokia, TCL or anyone from the "others" category can realize substantial gains, but who knows... Let's just hope we won't lose anyone else. 

UPDATE: We forgot the Pixels! As many of you correctly pointed out, the 5-year support cycle of the Pixel 6 family could play a role and tip the scales in Google's favor. In our defence - Pixel devices were always kinda niche and not fighting for market share per se. However, 2% is not insignificant by any means, so we're adding the Pixel option to the poll and letting it run a bit longer. 

LG dropping out of the smartphone business was a sad story for everyone. I still remember fondly my shiny LG KF510 and the mighty LG G3. But it is what it is - LG officially halted smartphone production forever and that leaves a void that needs to be filled.

Even though LG wasn’t the biggest success in smartphones, the company still managed a 7% market share in the US in Q1 2021. That’s actually more than what Motorola, Sony, and all the others managed to pull off, so with LG gone, these percentages are up for grabs.

Which company will rise to the occasion? Most people think that the rich will become even richer - meaning Samsung and Apple will comfortably fill that void. But maybe it’s time for Sony to shine? The mobile division of the Japanese company posted its first profits in years and seems to be on the move.

What about Motorola? It’s been owned by Lenovo for quite some time now but Moto phones still kinda rule the midrange market (and below). Or maybe there’ll be some underdog seizing the opportunity?

LG is out, which company will replace it?

None. Apple and Samsung will feast on LG's remains
OnePlus will get a big bite!
Sony might get a boost...
Motorola will be the new LG!
Other - (Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, TCL, Nokia)
We forgot the Pixels! Fingers crossed for the Pixel 6!

Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below! I’ll miss LG, honestly. Competition is a key factor that drives innovation and keeps everyone in check. Let’s hope we won’t lose anyone else anytime soon!

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