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Poll: What is the perfect phone size for you? What a surprise!

Poll: What is the perfect phone size for you?
UPDATE: The poll is closed and the results are in, and boy are they surprising or what? It turns out that most of you prefer compact phones - under 5.9" and between 6.1-6.2" - 55% of all the votes combined! Either only fans of compact phones voted in our poll, or companies are wrong to ditch the small-sized models in favor of larger devices. I'm just gonna post the YouTube poll results for coherence, and leave you to decide what to make of it.

During our weekly poll endeavors we learned valuable information - people like to keep the Note line, and they also hold on to their phones for years. It turns out that the iPhone 5 was the real crowd-pleaser, and also that everybody uses a phone case now.

Today we’re asking something a bit more specific. What’s the perfect phone size for you? Taking a stroll down memory lane I remember the time when 5-inch phones were considered monstrously large.

Nowadays though, we have a 5.4-inch device that has a “mini” part in its name. Sure, bezels have shrunk considerably in the past few years, and 6.4-inch devices are considered “normal.”

We’re not pointing any fingers here - I still like small and compact phones but can appreciate watching a movie on a 6.7-incher. It’s a blast! But then again, I don’t like my pockets obliterated by a 300-gram device - it’s cumbersome and not very practical to carry around.

What is the perfect phone size for you?

Super compact (5.9" and below)
Reasonably small (6.1" to 6.2")
Mid-sized (around 6.4")
Larger but not too heavy (6.7" like S21+)
Big and beefy (6.8" or up, S21 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max sized)

So, let’s check out the trends real quick here. Our YouTube poll of the same origin yielded some definitive results. Vote for your preferred phone size and comment in the section below. Personally, I think that phones are starting to get big when we need to fold them in half...

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