Poll: Do you use a case with your phone? You bet!

Do you use a case with your phone? You bet!
UPDATE: Well, things haven't changed in the past few years. If anything, phones have become even more delicate and fragile. It's not at all surprising that nearly 80% of you guys keep a phone case on at all times. Phones are not only pretty fragile now, but they're also expensive. Who knows, maybe phone manufacturers will invent some sci-fi alloy and make the phones of the future indestructible? Until then, though, phone cases are almost mandatory...

Modern phones are more fragile than ever, and this little fact has spawned a multi-billion phone case industry. Granted, phone cases were around in the old days but they were made to help you carry your enormous brick phone around rather than keep it safe. Nowadays though, these thin glass contraptions tend to break like raw eggs during a cooking competition.

And every major phone manufacturer makes its own cases now, launching them alongside the phones themselves. Phone cases should be a choice, not a necessity. That's my opinion, at least. Phone manufacturers making cases is like they're admitting: "Look, here's our new phone, we didn't make it strong enough, so you need to buy this."

Well, maybe it's not that simple - maybe manufacturers are not the only ones to blame. We loved glass phones and praised them when they came along. We - the reviewers - constantly bash plastic phones for not being "premium" enough. It's a complex matter that involves wireless charging as well (one of the reasons why we don't have metal phones anymore). 

Phone cases can also be viewed as a fashion accessory - adding more design/color options to your favorite phone. No yellow iPhone this year? You can always use a yellow case!

Back in 2017, a study showed that 79% of all smartphone owners in the US use their phones with a case. Let's check out the phone case situation in 2021. Do you slap a case on your new phone right away or do you use it barebones for a bit before covering it in silicone (or leather/rubber/plastic)? 

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Or maybe it's the other way around - you keep your new gem safe for a couple of months then when it's well into its life cycle you strip it naked and use it like it's brand new - no scratches, scuffs or marks.

Do you use a case with your phone?

Yes, always!
Yes but only on a brand new phone, I remove it after a year or so
Yes, only on specific occasions (going to the beach, mountain)
No, cases are ugly and add bulk!

Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Maybe we got it all wrong? Or there are different use cases (pun intended) that we failed to mention? 

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