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The LG G7 could come in both LCD and OLED variants?

With the V30 top-tier phablet, LG finally ditched its LCD displays and opted for OLED panels. And it was a pretty good OLED — with different color calibration modes, you could get anything from punchy reds and cold whites to warm, subdued, and natural colors on the V30's screen.

We are expecting an LG G7 (or whatever its name ends up being) to be announced sometime soon and the rumor mill is churning design leaks and specs left and right. Apparently, the LG G7 will have a notch, which the user will be able to "hide" if they so wish, by choosing a more classic interface. The way that would work is the "ears" that go around the notch will be blacked out. And it's widely believed that the G7 will also rock an OLED display and make good use of its deep blacks when it attempts to "hide" the notch.

However, now, a new rumor is floating around — one that states LG is deliberating on launching two variants of the G7. One will have the expected OLED panel, while the other one will take a step back and sport an LCD panel, just like the previous G flagships.

While we don't think that LG's LCD panels look bad per se, it's really counter-intuitive to continue making them considering the company keeps pushing for features like Always-on Display and Knock On. These will be less power-draining when used on an OLED panel.

We are also curious to know what types of variants LG is considering. Will the display panel be the only difference, or are we also going to see considerable deviations in hardware? Or maybe the OLED model will have a notch, while the LCD one will sport more of a G6 look? We'll have to wait and see...

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