LG G7 to be released in May, purported specs and price tipped

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LG reportedly put the breaks on the initial G7 release date with the idea that it has to do something out of the ordinary to appeal to the average Android user, and differentiate itself from the nemesis across town, Samsung. So, what to do? Add a notch, of course!

We kid, but going back to the drawing board meant a delay in the flagship's launch, and today Korean media pegs the month of May as the LG G7 release timeframe, with an official unveiling scheduled for late April. The three local carriers that will have it might start getting informal presentations on specs and features as soon as next week, though. 

That's not all the beans that are spilled in the report, as it sort of reconfirms that LG has decided on a notch-y design with an OLED screen cutout at the top, and a protrusion that will house the earpiece, front camera(s), and the various sensors. It's rather understandable that LG might want to differentiate itself as far from the town rival Samsung as it can, but there is certainly a way to achieve a larger screen diagonal without a top bezel cutout that fake-makes large screen-to-body ratios, but can be perceived as a me-too copycat of a certain popular Apple handset.

The other specs listed for the upcoming LG G7 are a Snapdragon 845 chipset (duh), and "upgrade" of RAM and memory, which might mean a 6GB/64GB G7, and 6GB/128GB G7+ models. The rear camera is expected to come with a dual 16MP sensor config in a vertical positioning, with all the AI camera shenanigans from the V30S present on the G7 as well, along with the quad audio converter. The battery is expected to be in the 3000mAh mark, like on the Galaxy S9

As for the price, the LG G7 is said to cost a bit more than its predecessor, at least in Korea, to the tune of an $850-$950 equivalent, depending on the model. Another interesting tip in the leak is that LG will be looking to converge its high-end G and V lines next year, as with today's bezel-less design trends, they are getting pretty overlapping already. Since the LG G7 is expected to arrive in May, or two months later than its predecessor, then the V40 is said to be scheduled for a November release, instead of the usual V-line September timeframe. "We are reviewing the unveiling event in various ways, whether it will be held in Korea or the US or Europe," said one LG official about the G7 announcement, so stay tuned.

source: ETNews (translated)
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