The LG G7 could end up looking like every other notch copycat out there

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Oh, the humanity! LG had supposedly gotten back to the drawing board regarding its G7 flagship, in order to try and differentiate it more from the competition, at least externally. That is apparently the reason it didn't announce it at the MWC expo last month, but brought some prototypes to showcase to carriers and industry insiders. 

The LG G7 could end up looking like every other notch copycat out there
Well, we sincerely hope that the units that were shown at the MWC and leaked out in the above video, are the ones that have been nixed, and LG is getting back to the drawing board on something different, because if they are the actual G7 that will make a cameo later this year, it will look like... well, every other notch-y iPhone X copycat out there that the street will be flooded with this year, it seems. If you want to see how the G7 might end up looking like, look no further than the renders below that are based on the leaked Judy prototype from the MWC and other places, and infused with the typical LG design language. 

There is certainly a way to achieve a larger screen diagonal without a top bezel cutout that fake-makes large screen-to-body ratios, but renders the display's horns all but useless in everyday interaction, and Samsung has shown it can be done with the new Galaxy S9 front that returns a ratio higher than the iPhone X with the same screen diagonal. It's rather understandable that LG might want to differentiate itself as far from the town rival Samsung as it can, but then it might fall into the trap of following all the Chinese copycats that have gone the way of the notch, too. So sad.


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