Galaxy S5 might hit production in January with metal and plastic versions, plus 4000 mAh battery

Galaxy S5 might hit production in January with metal and plastic versions, plus 4000 mAh battery
Korean media is shining some light on the alleged Samsung plans for the Galaxy S5. There will be two versions, it hints, one with a premium metallic chassis and the other with the regular plastic. Two processors will also be in play -a Snapdragon one, presumably the newest 805 - and a 64-bit Samsung Exynos Octa.

It is not clear yet which processor will go in which chassis, though we'd wager to bet the premium metal one will get the premium 64-bit processor, and Samsung can charge an arm and a leg for the resulting device, given that it won't be able to make nearly enough Exynos units to satisfy demand for a phone such as the S5. Speaking about demand, Samsung is more modest with its sales expectations this year, insiders reveal, unlike what it forecast with the S4. It aims for 70% of the S4 sales, and production is slated to begin in January, ramping up to a February announcement and March launch.

The rest of the specs are rather predictable, save for the humongous battery size cited. The Koreans say the AMOLED display is planned to have a screen diagonal in the 5" realm, and a flexible display version is in the mix. We saw a metal frame that fits a 5.3-incher leaked already, plus a Samsung exec presentation cited a 560ppi 2560x1440 pixels mobile display in the works for next year, which returns roughly that screen size as well.

Galaxy S5 is also claimed to have 3 GB of RAM, 16 MP rear camera and 2 MP frontal one, though nothing is mentioned about a possible OIS system in the main camera module. What caught us by surprise, however, is the battery capacity cited by the eventual insiders. We know Samsung has been experimenting with stacked and bendable batteries, but 4000 mAh is a huge unit by any measure, so we cross fingers that one stays true, especially given the eventual UltraHD screen resolution.

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