Friday´s News Bits

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Friday´s News Bits
  • Clearwire´s 4G WiMAX will be called just CLEAR. This is the brand name of the new, high-speed services that are to be offered to customers in more than 40 of Clearview´s existing markets across the US. (source: EngadgetMobile)

  • The average annual sales of smartphone applications are estimated to reach $4.2 in 2013 according to a recent survey of the US market carried out by Yankee Group. We believe the figure is credible, given the growing sales of smartphones and booming popularity of application stores. (source: mocoNews)

  • How about taking a peek at what your babies would look like? Well, a recently released app for the iPhone does just that. The program called Baby Builder can be bought for $2 and what it actually does is to analyse pictures of you and your wife and come up with an image of your future kid. Quite a few people complain the app is not exactly, well, brilliantly functional, but at least it´s funny. Hm, what would a child look like if Angelina Jolie was the Mom and ... (source: IntoMobile)

  • The all-time game classics Doom has appeared on Android Market. Actually, you can get it completely free of charge and even the pretty short time we spent shooting monsters showed us it´s definitely entertaining and by no means, worse than the original. Unfortunately, the graphics can´t hold a candle to Doom Resurrection for the iPhone. (source: Android Freeware)

  • Pictures of a brand new clamshell phone have appeared in LG´s Flickr account, it´s just too bad the handset will be sold in Korea only. We happen to know several fashion buffs that would trade one of their own kidneys for a cell phone that looks much better than the LG PRADA. (source: Flickr)


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