Extremely frustrating mobile games that will certainly make you blow your top


Dong Nguyen is back with another moderately-exasperating mobile game. The creator of the original Flappy Bird, the mighty annoying tap-centric arcade hit from half a year ago, released its latest mobile game - Swing Copters - on Android and iOS yesterday. A bit more polished than his first title, Swing Copters is also way harder and more irritating than the flapping, tube-dodging avian. The predominant high score of most gamers is doomed to be south of 1 point, and surpassing this cherished psychological frontier will likely take its toll - a great amount of rage, sweat, and time

If Obi-Wan Kenobi, the jedi master from the Star Wars sextalogy, was around when Nguyen launched Swing Copters, he would have probably felt a great disturbance in the Force, “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror”.

Swing Copters and Flappy Bird are extremely hard and downright annoying, but then again, they are not the sole duo of mobile games that will subconsciously urge you to check out if your smartphone is shatter-proof by launching it at the nearest concrete wall. We made a pick of some even more irksome and maddening games that will put your patience and self-control to the test. Dong Nguyen's works are not included in the list.


If you want to be moderately successful in VVVVVV, you'll need nerves of a super-strong alloy between titanium and steel, as this game will surely drive you crazy on the 5th minute after you've started it. The numerous obstacles, spikes, hazardous traps, and whatever else VVVVVV throws at you will make you kick the bucket more times that you could possibly imagine. Give it a try, if you dare. 

Download: VVVVVV (Android | iOS)

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Yes, a version of one of the most frustrating ragdoll games ever is also available on mobile devices. Masked as an athletic simulator, QWOP is both funny and exasperating. How hard is it, exactly? Well, if the fact that the game has become an Internet meme back in 2010 doesn't hint you about its status among gamers, then just check out the video below and see for you yourself. Drop a comment if your high score goes north of 5 meters.

Download: QWOP (Android | iOS)

Irritating Games

What's more aggravating than an extremely annoying game? Well, many extremely annoying mini games, of course! Such is the case with Irritating Games, which flaunts a title that pretty much speaks for itself. It puts you against challenge after challenge, each of which puts your self-control to the test. Don't try this one if you are nervous, as it will drive your annoyance through the roof!

Download: Irritating Games (Android | iOS)

The Impossible Game

We are not going to lie - don't download this one if you are of the impatient type. The quest to bring the protagonist - a hopping red square - from point A to point B is worthy of being a Herculean labor. Hercules is a mythical hero, and your chances for swift success are equally mythical. Beat the bushes or don't - you'll hardly achieve any satisfactory results in this game.

Download: The Impossible Game (Android | iOS

Super Hexagon

At first sight, Super Hexagon is an addictive game that has a steep learning curve. On second thought, it is one of the most infuriating and maddening games you can get on your mobile device. As the saying goes, the simple things are the hardest ones, and Super Hexagon proves this one. It's not only hard, it could probably cause you vertigo, as well. Jokes aside, don't blame us for your shattered smartphones.

Download: Super Hexagon (Android | iOS)

World's Hardest Game

Its name speaks for itself and hardly anyone who has played World's Hardest Game will claim that it's, in fact, an easy one. Completing the earlier stages of the World's Hardest Game requires steady fingers and an ample amount of focus. As far as the more complex ones are concerned, better go back to Swing Copters.All in all, it's one of those games that will easily help you battle lightheartedness.

Download: World's Hardest Game (Android)

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