Swing Copters by Dong Nguyen is out and it's ridiculously hard: what's your high score?


After Flappy Bird, comes Swing Copters, by famed developer Dong Nguyen, and in the best traditions of his earlier titles, Swing Copters is ridiculously hard.

The premise of Swing Copters is simple: tap anywhere on the screen to change the direction of flight from left to right of your cute heli-hat equipped character, and go through tiny openings and swinging hammers. Rather than being horizontal like Flappy Bird, though, Swing Copters goes in the vertical as you ascend up in the sky.

Not too high, though, as two quick sessions left us rage-filled and helpless as the ridiculous-hard game just won’t let us advance any further up than… 1. Yep, that’s our high score for the moment, a meager, miserable 1.

Unfortunately, this means we can’t give you much of an advice about how to advance in this game, but what we can ask you for is your high scores and your own unique method of beating that score. Sound off in the comments below.

If you have not yet tried Swing Copters, you can get it for free on Android and iOS here.

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