VVVVVV review: a platformer puzzle game that you'll love and hate just as much


Developer: Terry CavanaghDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: Platformer, PuzzlePrice: $2.99

When was the last time when you couldn't stop playing a video game even though it filled you with frustration? It was probably when Flappy Bird was at the peak of its popularity, if we had to make a guess. VVVVVV (pronounced as the letter V six times, or simply as Vee) is also a game that one can love and hate just as much. Brought to us by the creator of Super Hexagon, it is a seemingly simple, yet fiendishly difficult blend between a platformer and a puzzle game. And, boy, is it a game worthy of its 4.8-star rating!

In VVVVVV, you play as Captain Viridian. The game begins as the spaceship he's in charge of gets struck by dimensional interference, whatever that is. Things go haywire as a result – Viridian and his crew are teleported in random locations of this so-called VVVVVV dimension, where it seems as if everything is out to kill you. Being the principled captain that you are, you engage in a mission to find and rescue the five crew members who are scattered across huge, maze-like stages. 

You move Viridian left and right by swiping on the screen. The controls are easy to get the hang of, and there are no virtual joysticks getting in the way. You aren't allowed to jump, however. Instead, you may invert gravity, which lets you walk on the stage's ceilings. This particular game mechanic is key to getting around and to avoiding obstacles. Speaking of obstacles, spikes are your worst enemy. Patience, strategy, and nerves of steel are a must if you want to progress in this game. Timing is also of huge importance as failing to land on a moving platform will surely lead to your death. Long story short, VVVVVV is an extremely difficult game. Be prepared to repeat sections over and over and over and over until you finally make it through alive. But once you're there, you'll experience a sense of satisfaction that few other games can provide.

Graphically, VVVVVV appears to have been inspired by games from the Commodore 64 era. Sure, it can't show off your GPU's capabilities, but this surely never was among the developer's intentions. Old-school gamers would definitely appreciate the game's heart-warming, nostalgic feel. What's more, Vee's chiptune soundtrack perfectly matches the game's style. 

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So if you love the thrill of a real challenge, or if you're just a hardcore fan of platformer games, VVVVVV should definitely be on your wishlist. Simply put, the game is worth every penny. The music rocks, the graphics are sweet, and the gameplay... well, it will make you want to throw your phone against the wall. But you know you'll be coming back for more only minutes after you hit that quit button. 


  • Fun, challenging, and potentially addicting
  • Heart-warming, old-school graphics
  • Awesome chiptune soundtrack by Souleye


  • Frustration level over 9000
PhoneArena rating:
Developer: Terry CavanaghDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: Platformer, PuzzlePrice: $2.99

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