Best cases and covers for the Apple iPhone SE

Got yourself an iPhone SE? Well, good for you, but did you get a case for it? No? That's a pity, we'd immediately put one on it if we were you! One simply has to shield the compact powerhouse from the fierce environment and prevent any accidental drops from marring its sleek body. It seems that the iPhone SE is not as sturdy as the iPhone 6s, so having some additional protection is imperative. 

By now you probably know that the iPhone SE is compatible with all the thousands of different iPhone 5s cases out there. You might have one of these lying in some cupboard of yours, but if you don't, worry not - we will show you a couple of noteworthy iPhone SE cases. 

We have not confined ourselves to a single type of case. After starting with transparent TPU cases that most people would put on their phones, we will quickly climb up the ruggedness ladder with some tough and classy wooden cases for your iPhone. 


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