Apple-Samsung lawsuit a battle over Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, both slated for fall release

Apple-Samsung lawsuit a battle over Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, both slated for fall release
Now take his ruminations with a grain of salt, but popular Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin has been stirring the rumor pot quite a few times about things that mostly turn out true in the end.

We learn from his take on the Apple-Samsung lawsuit that the battle is actually not over a few colored icons and a rectangular shape, but a precursor to a much broader struggle on Cupertino's side. First off, it looks like Samsung is aiming for a 6-8 months timeframe between flagship Android handset releases from now on, which will be aided by an even tighter integration with Android hence Google, making the company Apple's chief threat.

It's plausible, let's not forget that Samsung vouched to overtake Nokia in units sold by 2014 before the Nokia Windows Phone ordeal came out. Moreover, Samsung has a very strong R&D department, with unique technologies in the works, a lot of which trickle down to its smartphones, like the Super AMOLED displays, and the dual-core Exynos chipset. Sammy also supplies a lot of parts for the iPhone production already.

Now, for the wild part of Murtazin's analysis - "By the autumn we can expect a cosmetic upgrade of this phone - Samsung Galaxy S3. The model will (have) screen 4.5 inches with another matrix and most likely resolution, rejection of hardware keys on the front panel, perhaps, metal body, this moment is not fully defined. In fact, Samsung will position the new solution as a competitor to Apple iPhone 5." That's Google Translate from his Galaxy S II impressions.

So the touchless gesture area that is supposed to appear in the 2012 iPhone, is already coming in a Samsung Galaxy S3 this fall, complete with an edge-to-edge display of high resolution. The fact that Samsung will have the technology months before Apple on the market must have annoyed Cupertino to no end, if this is true. Moreover, Murtazin says, Apple wanted to use those high-res screens, but Samsung said no. This elusive Samsung Galaxy S3 is also said to run at 1.8GHz, which is certainly within the realm of the next Exynos chipset, and have metal exterior, but no physical buttons, just screen.

The only type of display that fits this description is the Super AMOLED Plus, which will be moved from Fine-Metal-Mask (FMM) production technology to laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI). LITI is much cheaper than FMM, and allows for Retina Display pixel densities of more than 300ppi, whereas FMM has printing accuracy up to 15 micrometers, which is enough for the WVGA resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S II, but not much further.

We don't know when Sammy will start producing such high-res Super AMOLED Plus screens in mass quantities, but we'd wager to say when the big plant that is supposed to increase production tenfold opens in June. Even then the capacity might not be there to fulfil both Apple's and Samsung's smartphone unit sales, so probably that's why the Koreans shot down Apple's advances on the matter in the first place.

According to Eldar's analysis, the lawsuit Apple filed is a multi-pronged tool to keep Samsung and Google at bay. First, it is trying to exert pressure on Samsung regarding the unique technologies Sammy refuses to share, and second, if Samsung is forced to settle, Android will no longer be considered free by other manufacturers, if it is associated with legal costs, and that might be Cupertino's aim.

Again, all of this is pure extrapolation on Murtazin's side, but hearing that Apple might be using Sharp's p-Si LCD display for next year's iPhone, it could be in response to this rumored Samsung Galaxy S3 edge-to-edge AMOLED display of high resolution. The low temperature poly-silicon LCDs by Sharp have a package that is 1mm thin, with touch circuits and all other elements integrated into it, and thus don't require any frame, possibly leading to the alleged edge-to-edge display in the 2012 iPhone.

Speculation or not, these ideas are certainly interesting, and this year, as well as the next, are shaping to be definitive in the iOS-Android battle. When we put Nokia Windows Phone in the mix, one can only drool at the possibilities for us mortal users.

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source: Mobile-Review (translated), Stereopoly (translated), Twitter & Sharp



51. andriod fan unregistered

Samsung is better but with 4.5 display it will much bigger ,4.3 inches is better o be a smartphone not tablet ,,and what about 3D will it support 3D ?

50. udar unregistered

Apple is a marketing company that creates product "mockups" in a simple word. They contract big companies like Samsung - to bring these "mockups" to life in Samsung's production factories. Nobody seems to know or even care that Apple steals ideas from Japan and Korea, these two markets have such advanced technologies that are far yet to be implemented in USA or Europe. USA and Europe are up to 5 years far back in creating tech innovations as opposed to Japan and Korea especially. I personally respect Samsung, even though it is near the same monster as Apple.

49. iphones are gay unregistered

You all need life biching about aphone and what have iphone done difernt from there ather phone nothing sowe how *** iphone *** ya

48. Hardcore unregistered

The Samsung Galaxy s2 was better than iphone 4 so of course s3 is going to be better.

47. Galaxy unregistered

Apple itself is great, but it lives in its own little world, sorry to say. Look at the battle with Microsoft - although people really hate Microsoft for their products and business practices, Microsoft products have always dominated the PC market. Apple makes blackboxes. Go use them guys, they wouldn't break, but they are boring. If you are a programmer, Apple sucks. Microsoft is so much more interesting. Have you ever heard of Apple Server? Apple SQL Server? Apple Web Essentials? Apple Cloud? Boring. From iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, there are changes but they are just the same with some little things. Added Folders in iOS4 - the biggest deal. Nothing spectaular. And if you go tell them you are doing little tricks on your iPhone Apple didn't tell you to, oh Lord, you must be freaking them out. Hands off..... Samsung from the very beginning has set out to bring so much innovation and creativity to make itself stand out and become threats to other companies. Look at televisions. It used to be Panasonic, Sharp, Sony. Now, you see Samsung TV everywhere. They sell their things cheap, you might say. Well, people wouldn't buy s**tty things. And Toyota started selling their Lexus vehicles very cheap, flipped the Germans in one night. Then what? Look at where they are now. iPhone is a great product. But the progress has been slow. They have used up their innovations, ending up with some new iPhone's that are just so similar to the first iPhone. The game is over. From leading the market to playing catch up games, and now falling behind. They need some new blood with really great minds into the future. Apple did, but then stopped. You can't control how people use technology. People look for technologies that they want.

44. AndyC unregistered

I think we are all getting tired of Apple's belly aching here, its sickening. First they sued HTC, so they might not be able to bring their handsets to the US, now an ongoing battle with Samsung, Apple its time to grow up, you don't own the playing field, if you can't develop your own technology and impliment,please step off the stage, exit stage left. This idea that if we can't rule we will stop whoever doesn't comply is simplistic playground polititcs ,but that's my own view. I hope people see through Apple's highly educated approach to business. But then again, with so many poisoned with Job's Kool-aid, it stands to reason. If Sammi wants to use their own tech, and not permit Apple to, then cry and get over it. I was thinking of some new Apple apps: iBaby, iCry, iSue(I'm sure thatll be popular), iRule, iAche and ofcourse iKool-aid. Oh by the way, I'm not an OS fan of any OS, I've owned and use Apple products as well as other OS products over the last few years, just think Apple's behaviour is less than desired. But as the saying goes "If you can't beat then, sue them" right ? Cheers

43. FApple unregistered

Man, i hate apple, obviously the iphone and galaxy would end up looking the same because most of the hardware in the i pphone is made by samsung. Why cant samsung just stop supplying them? Or fake delays or something? Like their cars, American phones have no chance against the upcoming asian products. Imagine GM suing toyota because they didnt wanna share technology and are also making a vehicle with 4 wheels. Its ridiculious. Samsung all the way. I will never by an apple after this.

42. aekiv unregistered

Apple is s**t and people using it are s**th

39. Foxbaker unregistered

Please stop buying apple s**t , its ludicrous what this apple faggots think they are , producing only s**t for dumb goats .

36. Resident Evil unregistered

Wait for S3!!!!! Don't buy this S2 overpriced phone!!

37. Nark unregistered

I have an S2, cost me 399GBP :) and its worth every penny!!! overpriced?...It retails (499) at the same price as the iphone 4 which is a year old and has inferior hardware ergo Apple rip of their customers

33. IOS5 unregistered

Atrix man i love this phone its fablous phone, but Motorola made a big mistake when they locked the bootloader but still the best Android phone i think cause 3 or 5 gadget sites rate this phone 9, 9.5 out of 10 one of those sites PA. played with xoom 2 days ago in store to be honest its nice fast fablous hardwaer and good looking tab still a bit laggy taht noticed, the thing when you watch a video review about xoom tablet it looks ugly kind of huge A... tab but in real this thing looks amazing and unique fablous design and look.

32. nick unregistered

That is amazing... Wait for a company to develop a new technology, then patent a product design that the new tech is most likely to be used in, wait for that company to develop their own product to use the new tech, and then sue them for using their own tech in their own product... It's so brilliant! I wish I thought of that.

34. Dave unregistered

Look up a company called Rambus. That's all they do and they've made millions from their lawsuits. They don't even make products anymore they just trademark and patent ideas then sue if anyone comes close to releasing a product like it.

30. IOS5 unregistered

Flip out its not high end phone but still i can do lot of staff on it even lancher pro its working fine on this phone! Motorola defy its a nice phone but still has the same classic look, like HTC and iphone but with tuff metrail that first time came with touch phone flip out looks diffrent thats why people like it even iphone user im not talking about myself but i know lot of iphone fan bought this phone:)

31. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

well glad it works good for you :P bought the defy cuz mine suffered an accident and plan on using it to go to road trips when I get my new contract phone, may be the Atrix since it's new feature calls my attention, I imagine myself doing slideshows at college with it or a tablet (eee pad or Xoom maybe, I'm open to most things)

26. TDroid21

Posts: 70; Member since: Apr 04, 2011

As much as samsung would love to cut supplies for apple, they can't do that unless their contract is done with apple. Sammy's ass will be in real big trouble if they do that.

25. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Samsung must stop selling components to Apple until Apple drop all the crazy lawsuits.

24. IOS5 unregistered

I know that you think flip out it's shit! Don't think so Motorola still way better than samsung know that doesn't has fantasy staff that samsung copied from Apple! But when it comes to functional and call quality responsive touch screen no LAG! Still Moto way way better than samsung.

28. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

I like moto... not much to complain there, haven't tested Samsung much so I cant talk bout it... but phones like flip out cause so much trouble for companies sometimes, thats why I mostly tell people to get hight end android phones when they are getting on a new contract (maybe not the newest on the market but you can find a much higher end phone for few extra bucks) but fuck it sometimes we cant prevent things because my phone died and I ordered a defy to replace it while my contract ends

22. IOS5 unregistered

its true samsung its COPY CAT company im not fandroid but still respect three phones comes with Android os and i own one of them Motorola, HTC and Sony Ericsson. Ps. I own Motorola flip out

23. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

flip out...... seriously?

21. khalis7

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 27, 2011

Steve Jobs is a manwhore..always target its competitors so no one can't compete with Apple. That's not fair & just!

20. andro unregistered

apple is worried again,their in 2nd place now and in danger of losing more ground so they resort to sueing

19. PatcheZ unregistered

Apple might not be innovative or creative, but they sure know how to make existing things pretty and user friendly.

16. balls to america unregistered

well what can i say. apple sucks. they lost there way after iphone 3g. they are just following the coat tails of android now. jobby jobs ain't hitting no more. If there is one thing that rings true out of this article, is that fanboys really suck it now!! Long live android, the world's # 1 mobile OS!!!!

14. Guest unregistered

dam now i am confused, which i will wait for now sgs 2 or sgs 3? hard desicion. -_-

13. Brenden unregistered

Im getting the Samsung Galaxy 4!! It comes out 5 days after Samsung Galaxy 3!! Idk tho? Thats to long of a wait!

12. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

Well now, this makes things more interesting. I still want the Targa.

10. AndroidTroll

Posts: 359; Member since: Mar 05, 2011

hahahaha when apple runs out of options it sues! lololol what pussies I love watching them fail.

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