Nokia might have scrapped the N9, something else running MeeGo leaks out

Nokia might have scrapped the N9, something else running MeeGo leaks out
One Eldar Mutazin, who is often cited when Nokia prototypes leak out, has tweeted on Saturday that the Finns have ditched their plans for the Nokia N9, which was supposed to be something similar to the Nokia E7 (big screen, keyboard and all), but running MeeGo.

This contradicts with the alleged presentation of said Nokia N9 at the MWC Expo next month by CEO Stephen Elop himself. Still, it might make sense, if the hardware is now dated, considering the dual-core onslaught coming our way in 2011, but what about MeeGo, that elusive OS that Nokia wants to make the most user-friendly out of all?

A mysterious hardware has been leaked on one of the forums of Eldar's site, which looks like a tablet-y device, running MeeGo's multimedia player. A lot of speculation is currently swirling around it - from a test hardware platform (then why the bezel and screen protector?), through a MeeGo tablet, to the replacement of the Nokia N9. The screen looks rather large for a N9 replacement, which is rumored to have a 4.2" one at a maximum.

Besides, it seems like a totally different concept - a black slab with no keyboard - whereas the N9 is supposed to have a physical QWERTY, as well as the 12MP shooter of the Nokia N8, so we wouldn't speculate at this point. If the N9 is still on, we can't help but wonder what good will be the battery with an Atom chipset, powering MeeGo, and, if it is indeed with the big 12MP camera sensor of the N8, how much space there will be for a larger battery, and if that's the case how huge will this thing be, and so on.

For all it's worth, it seems that Nokia still hasn't entirely shaped up its next moves. The MWC Expo is fast approaching, so we will probably have some more info from our troops on the ground, when time comes.

source: Mobile-review forums via Engadget, Twitter

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