Samsung aiming for the mobile top in three years' time

Samsung aiming for the mobile top in three years' time
Samsung just set an ambitious goal for itself - overcoming Nokia as the top cell phone manufacturer in the world by 2014. Currently number two, its market share is expanding, while the one of Nokia is diminishing as of Q3 2010. The company says that 2011 will be a very pivotal year in the quest to achieve that lofty goal.

No other details were given for next year's plans, but the idea to expand presence in China and Vietnam (obviously India is not Sammy's stronghold, as we wrote yesterday). Given the population of these countries, Samsung might just stand a chance, flooding the market with value for money offerings.

But it is not only an assault from the low-end - Sammy plans to also focus on smartphones and tablets, until at least half of its mobile portfolio consists of such gizmos. No wonder, as that's where the high margins are, just ask Apple. We doubt that Nokia will stand still during the next three years, but 2011 will be transitional for it, so Sammy might catch up pretty quickly. It already made a name for itself this year with true innovations like the Super AMOLED screen and the Hummingbird chipset on the popular Samsung Galaxy S.

What do you think, does Samsung have a shot at becoming numero uno by 2014?

source: KoreaTimes via UnwiredView


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1. prashant_93 unregistered

Can't say anything about. But after watchin a video of 'nokia future plans' , it seems that nokia has lot of strange and wonderful things to happen. With its upcomin 'Meego OS' and growing ovi services, nokia has a long way going. But samsung says that, we'll have to wait and watch.

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