Another Galaxy Note 7 catches fire, you should stop using yours right now and return it

Another Galaxy Note 7 catches fire, you should stop using yours right now and return it
Although Samsung has officially recalled all Galaxy Note 7 units released until now (about 2.5 million of them, according to estimates), some users aren't convinced that they should return theirs. But we really need to emphasize this: if you have a Note 7, you should stop using it right away, and contact Samsung or your carrier to see how it can be replaced.

While it's true that only a small number of Note 7 units are defective, if yours packs a Samsung SDI-made battery - like most of the units launched until now - it could catch fire at some point. Yesterday, and Australian user learned this the hard way, as his Note 7 exploded in a hotel room while he was sleeping. The device was plugged in and charging via an original charger and cable.

The burning Galaxy Note 7 did some damage to the hotel room, and the user was charged about $1380 for that. Fortunately, the user got away with just a burned finger, while the hotel bill will be paid by Samsung. The user says that hew knew about the Note 7 recall, and yet still chose to rely on the phone.

The bottom line: if you bought a Galaxy Note 7 prior to Samsung's official recall (September 2), return it. It's not worth the risk keeping it, even if the device is working perfectly. Samsung will send you a new Note 7 with a safe battery, or you can get another phone from your carrier (with eventual price differences being reimbursed).

P.S.: You don't need to worry if you purchased your Galaxy Note 7 in China, Hong Kong, or Macau, as these markets are getting the phone's version with safe batteries - just like the ones that will be re-released from now on around the world.

source: Reddit via Ausdroid

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