2022 iPad Pro may have a larger logo for wireless charging and iPhone 13-like camera

2022 iPad Pro may have a large glass logo for wireless charging and iPhone 13-like camera
Apple was said to be considering a glass back for the 2022 iPad Pro but those plans may have changed, according to reasonably reliable Apple-centric website 9to5Mac.

Seasoned Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman had reported in June that the iPad Pro's back may get a material makeover which would include a switch from aluminum enclosure to glass back. Such a design would not just bring Apple's premium slate closer to its iPhones - which have transitioned to glass rears in recent years - but also enable wireless charging.

The idea apparently was to introduce a MagSafe-like wireless charging system to make it easier for users to replenish their devices. A glass back may also have made it possible for Apple's 2022 iPad Pro to wirelessly charge compatible devices.

Per today's report, although Apple is still trying to bring MagSafe to its new iPad Pros, the back will likely not be made entirely of glass. That's because a glass back could make the tablet fragile and more prone to damage.

To make the slate work with the MagSafe Charger, Apple may instead adorn it with a larger logo made of glass, which will be used to transmit power. The prototype with this design also allegedly has stronger magnets to ensure a stable connection.

The report also claims that the prototype supports faster charging over MagSafe when compared to the iPhone. The iPhone 13 MagSafe charger offers up to 15W of peak power delivery, in case you are wondering. This goes nicely with the rumor that the new models will pack bigger batteries than the current versions.

2022 iPad Pro may feature iPhone 13-like camera module 

Chinese outlet MyDrivers had claimed that the next iPad Pro would feature thinner bezels and a notch but today's report says that the 2022 models are unlikely to come with a notch. The site had also said that the new models would have a titanium alloy chassis.

Apple is reportedly also considering bigger screens, but not for the next generation, which will likely stick with the current 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes.

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Today's report also says that the new tablets will have an iPhone 13-like camera module.

It's also safe to assume that the next iPad Pros will be powered by a new M-series chip, but whether it will be the rumored M2 processor remains to be seen. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously said that the smaller model would probably also get mini-LED, which is exclusive to the 12.9-inch version at the moment. 

The next iPad Pros will likely be here in the first half of the year and before that, we can expect to see Samsung's flagship tablets which will compete with Apple's slate for the title of the best tablet of the year. We have a feeling we already know who the winner will be.

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