Chinless Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 rumored for September 15 announcement

Chinless Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 rumored for September 15 announcement
Xiaomi was one of the world’s first smartphone manufacturers to unveil a (nearly) bezelless design back in the fall of 2016, although the stunning Mi Mix was deemed a concept, selling in limited numbers in the company’s homeland of China only.

For last fall’s refined Mi Mix 2, mass production was ramped up, but not enough for a wide global release. This spring’s Mi Mix 2S broke with tradition not just by seeing daylight six short months after its predecessor, also rolling out in a bunch of Western markets.

Even though it’s been a little over four months, a brand-new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is reportedly in the pipeline, closing in on a formal September 15 announcement. You probably shouldn’t consider that date etched in stone just yet, but for what it’s worth, a teaser image appears to have been prematurely revealed.

If real, this strongly suggests the “chin” on Xiaomi’s next “full screen” flagship will be practically nonexistent. That lends further credence to a number of leaked recent pictures showing a handset with uniformly thin bezels around a large but compact display. There’s a good chance the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will follow the retractable front camera approach of the Vivo Nex in order to get rid of the bottom border on the Mi Mix 2S.
There are no other features disclosed today, and no word on whether or not Xiaomi is planning a global expansion following the rumored domestic debut of the Mi Mix 3 on September 15. European availability is likely not out of the question, and sooner or later, the company has to go for US glory as well. 

source: AndroidPure



6. fyahking

Posts: 1146; Member since: Jan 28, 2015

I'll get the mi mix 2s on the cheap.

5. checkmymike

Posts: 224; Member since: Dec 28, 2011

No custom dev support... I have he mi mix 2s

4. ingraffia

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 02, 2018

I've had plenty of phones, I find the Mi Mix to have the best battery life of all of them.


Posts: 1168; Member since: Oct 05, 2015

Not too interested. The Mi Mix series have had disappointing battery life so far. Fix that, and I'll give this a look.

3. Syksyd

Posts: 63; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

What are you talking about @System_Lord...Have you owned an Mi Mix Series phone?? I have the Mi Mix, and that battery last for ever. The Mi Mix 3 will be my next phone, hands down

1. Man_Utd

Posts: 190; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

Take my money... This is the phone of year if the rumors are true. Thankfully there is a company that's willing to innovate, rather than just slap a notch onto the phone *cough* Pixel 3 *cough* and not charge you an arm and a leg.

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