Bonkers Xiaomi foldable device shows up on video before taking on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Bonkers Xiaomi foldable device shows up on video before taking on the Samsung Galaxy Fold
If you believe in the potential of the foldable form factor to revolutionize a stagnant and increasingly boring smartphone industry, you’re probably excited about Samsung’s other product launch scheduled for February 20.

But there are actually numerous other companies working on foldable mobile devices of their own, of which one in particular managed to grab our attention a couple of weeks back in a mouth-watering and, frankly, far-fetched hands-on video.

Believe it or not, the same exact product is today casually showcased by none other than Bin Lin, Xiaomi’s Co-Founder and President, looking positively dreamy, as well as lightyears ahead of what Samsung demonstrated back in November.

Of course, we still don’t know exactly how the Galaxy Fold (or Galaxy F) is supposed to look (or bend) in its final, commercial-ready form. But what Xiaomi has in the pipeline is the world’s first double-folding device, seemingly capable of switching from a tablet-style usage mode to a more practical smartphone-like aspect by bending the top and bottom (or left and right) portions of the screen backwards.

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Even as a conceptual idea, that sounds pretty bonkers, not to mention incredibly hard to execute and mass produce without major durability concerns. But Xiaomi’s head honcho claims the company has already managed to “conquer a series of technical problems”, including flexible folding screen technology, flexible cover technology, and MIUI adaptation.

All that being said, we obviously shouldn’t get too excited just yet, as the droolworthy product manhandled on video by Bin Lin is still very much an “engineering” prototype, with no commercial release plans etched in stone right now.

But if the feedback is positive, which seems like a guarantee, Xiaomi will apparently “consider making a mass production machine in the future.” By the way, the potentially groundbreaking device doesn’t have a name yet, with related suggestions welcome. Xiaomi Dual Flex and Mi Mix Flex are Bin Lin’s top ideas for the time being, but if you have a better one, we’re all ears and something tells us the company is too.

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