Which 2022 phone has the best sound? We turned it into a drinking game! (iPhone 14, Pixel 7 Pro, S22 Ultra and more)

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Which 2022 phone has the best sound? We turned it into a drinking game! (iPhone 14, Pixel 7 Pro, S22
Hello, and welcome to the end of 2022! Nowadays we use our phones for everything – including gaming, watching movies and watching videos… So it's not just their display that matters, but their speaker quality too!

After all, how are you going to get immersed into your favorite game or movie, if the sound is all tinny, quiet or screechy? Even if your phone's display is big and gorgeous, the audio quality is next in line to make or break the experience.

Well, with that in mind, we took some of the most popular, coolest phones that came out this year, and I tried to guess which one is which blindfolded, purely by the way it sounds! The rules are simple – if I guess wrong, I have to drink a shot of flavorless vodka, which basically smells and tastes like poison. So, great stuff! The perfect party game for phone enthusiasts, no?

We have the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Pixel 7 Pro, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and just for good measure – the gaming-oriented ROG Phone 6 Pro, with its beefy dual front-firing speakers.

Indeed, some of those phones have great speakers, others – not so much. I think I'm pretty familiar with them, but who knows? Let's find out!

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A spoiler-free conclusion

Watch the video to find out which phone won my heart through my ears, just as a loved one can win your heart through your stomach, but in short – it's not the one I would've bet on.

And certain phones, notably the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, definitely blast out way better sound than I expected judging based on its predecessors. So a formal apology to Galaxy S22 Ultra fans is in order! Sorry friends, this phone is indeed close to perfect. But a different Samsung phone, one that has some clearly unfair advantages, is the best one in my eyes, and not just in terms of sound quality.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts – do you think you would've won all guesses if you were blindfolded and listening to these phones? And do you know of any other phones with particularly great sound you'd like to recommend to your fellow tech enthusiasts?

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