WhatsApp is working on the useful feature to undo a message deletion

WhatsApp is working on the useful feature to undo a message deletion
Ever deleted a message by mistake and then gotten angry at yourself? Well, WhatsApp has thought of situations like those, and WABetaInfo reports that in the latest beta of the popular chat app for Android, the useful feature to undo the deletion of a message has appeared (for now, it only works for the "Delete for me" option).

WhatsApp working on an Undo Message Deletion feature

The feature has been spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android version, although the folks at WABetaInfo note that some lucky beta users can get the feature with the previous version as well.

What it does is pretty straightforward: it allows you to tap undo if you've accidentally deleted a message on WhatsApp. An important aspect here is that the feature is only available for the "Delete for me" option, and not for the "Delete for everyone" option.

When you delete a message, you will have a bar that shows up the button to "Undo" your action for just a few seconds, long enough to realize if you've done a mistake. This could be useful if you've set your eyes on deleting the message for everyone, but picked just for yourself, for example.

The feature is available with the latest beta update from the Play Store. It's important to mention that this is still a beta feature and the official release date is still not announced. It is still unclear at this moment whether another undo delete feature, this time for the "Delete for everyone" option is in the works.

Other WhatsApp features in the works to get excited about

The WhatsApp developing team has not been resting without no work, and the popular chat app has been testing and developing loads of exciting new features that should come to you soon enough. Let's quickly recap the most recent features that have been discovered in beta versions of WhatsApp, so you know what's to come for the chat app.

There's been a lot of focus from the WhatsApp team on status updates recently, and it's looking more and more like the chat app is thinking about Stories. For example, one of the recent features discovered in a beta version of the app (again for Android so far) is a quick reaction feature for status updates. Basically, what it does is allow you to pick an emoji to react with to someone's status update, the same way you can do that for Instagram Stories.

But that's not all for status updates on WhatsApp. Another recently discovered (and still under development) feature is the ability to record a voice note as a status update instead of your usual text or image that you can put on there.

And, last but not least, the app's developer team is working on allowing you to see your friend's status updates directly on the page with all the chats on WhatsApp. This way, you'll be able to tell which one of your friends has updated their status recently and it will become way easier to keep up to date with what's been going on with your buddies on WhatsApp.

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Apart from status updates, the company has also been working on other features to enrich the WhatsApp experience. For one, group admins in the app will soon be getting some options to more easily manage WhatsApp groups, including the ability to delete messages in groups for everyone. And that's far from everything the app will be getting sooner or later.

All those features we are talking about here have been spotted by the folks at WABetaInfo as beta features (that are available for testing for WhatsApp beta users), or features under development. It is still unknown when they'll make their way to the public, but it seems we won't have to wait long for some of them (including the group admin deletion options, which are reportedly going to be official sooner rather than later).

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