Free Samsung Galaxy S23 + free Galaxy Watch 5 + free Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G = epic Verizon deals

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Free Samsung Galaxy S23 + free Galaxy Watch 5 + free Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G = epic Verizon deals
Verizon must be trying to break the world record for most killer deals and discounts you can combine on a single new phone, and of course, said phone just so happens to be Samsung's latest flagship.

Much like, well, essentially everywhere else in the US, the base Galaxy S23 can be had completely free of charge right off the bat from Big Red, the operator's special "twist" being a complimentary Galaxy Watch 5 (or Watch 5 Pro) and Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G you can effortlessly add to your pre-order by February 17.

Verizon offers a free 512GB Galaxy S23 with a trade and plan!

Verizon has a gratis Galaxy S23 with an eligible trade on a 5G Unlimited plan to offer, too! Moreover, grab a bump to 512GB storage in addition to the $50 credit with our link here and the $50 store bonus, plus extra colors you can only get at Samsung! Finally, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Tab S7 FE 5G can also be yours for free.
$0 /mo
$879 99
Pre-order at Verizon

The Verizon preorder offer has the Galaxy S23 Plus for cheap with a trade and a bonus!

Verizon also offers a free Galaxy S23+ with an eligible trade on a 5G Unlimited plan, plus a gratis bump to 512GB storage on top of the $50 extra Samsung credit via the link below and the $50 store bonus. On top of everything, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Tab S7 FE 5G are also available free of charge.
$199 99 /mo
$1119 99
Pre-order at Verizon

The Verizon Galaxy S23 Ultra comes at $980 off with bonus credit!

The extra S23 Ultra bonus from the link here on top of Samsung’s store credit brings the Galaxy S23 Ultra starting price on Verizon to just $399.99 with a trade. And a 5G plan! And a complimentary Galaxy Watch 5 and/or Galaxy Tab S7 FE!
$399 99 /mo
$1379 99
Pre-order at Verizon

Terms, conditions, requirements, and details

The exact same Verizon-specific deals seem to be advertised both on the carrier's official website and, so whether you're an existing or new customer of the largest wireless service provider stateside, you're obviously free to choose whichever of the two purchasing avenues you prefer for whatever reasons.

Believe it or not, Samsung is throwing free instant store credit (exclusively usable towards accessories) on top of all the other massive discounts and gifts, so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, your choice is all of a sudden a lot easier to make.

While said credit comes with absolutely no strings attached and no special requirements (apart from the aforementioned restriction), everything else unsurprisingly has a "catch."

To score a gratis 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 5G, for instance, you need the right trade-in and the right unlimited plan. Normally priced at $799.99 in an entry-level 128GB configuration, the non-Plus and non-Ultra powerhouse can be bumped up to 256 gigs of internal storage at no cost while qualifying for an extra $800 discount if you have one of dozens of new or old phones to swap.

The free storage upgrade is also good for both the S23 Plus and S23 Ultra, which can thus be yours in 512 gig variants for $199.99 and $399.99 respectively with "select" trade-ins and "qualified" plans.

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As far as the free Galaxy Watch 5 and Tab S7 FE 5G are concerned, their terms and conditions are pretty simple - all you need is a new line for the watch and a new line for the tablet to get them together with a Galaxy S23 5G at a grand total of $0 (after monthly bill credits across the board).

Verizon vs the competition

Regardless of the hoops you have to jump through, which can definitely be inconvenient, these are some absolutely outstanding launch deals for three hot new phones that have a lot going for them even at their retail prices (which, remember, have gone unchanged from last year's Galaxy S22 series).

Galaxy Watch 5 and Tab S7 FE bonuses aside, it has to be said that Verizon's Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra promotions have a pretty significant disadvantage compared to what you can get from T-Mobile and AT&T. We're talking smaller trade-in discounts by $200, which Big Red is essentially trying to offset by also offering a $200 eGift Card with a number port-in.

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That's obviously one more hurdle to clear in your pursuit for the perfect Galaxy S23 series deal, which probably doesn't exist. 

The closest offer to perfection is always the one that fits your personal preferences and needs best when you're prepared to get a new phone, and another factor you might want to take into consideration is sheer speed, which T-Mobile claims to be the nationwide champion of right now and multiple analytics companies appear to be validating as (statistical) gospel.

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