Best Tesco Mobile phone deals in May 2023

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Best Tesco Mobile phone deals
Tesco Mobile, UK's biggest retailer, is also offering mobile services – phone plans and phones, and on top of that, for great prices. The carrier works as an affordable mobile service provider (MVNO) that uses O2's network, meaning it has coverage everywhere where O2 has and offers 5G, 4G, and 3G mobile internet. But that's not all: the carrier actually has generous deals and discounts on pay monthly phones, as well as SIM-only deals, with 5G (for supporting phones) at no extra cost. 

Currently, Tesco Mobile has three ways that you can buy a phone: a pay monthly option (with a contract), pay as you go, and sim-free phones. As you may suppose, the newest flagship phones are available with a pay monthly contract, but nevertheless, Tesco Mobile offers many options you can chose from.

But that's not all! Tesco Mobile is a great place to find generous phone deals, because it also allows you to modify the upfront payment for your phone of choice, as well as the length of your contract. Yes, this way you can get the best deal you're looking for.

With that being said, let's examine what are the best phone deals Tesco Mobile is currently offering in May 2023.

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Best Tesco Mobile phone deals right now

Currently, the carrier (and biggest retailer in the UK) has a plethora of awesome deals on a lot of phones, so it's quite possible your phone of choice is listed here with all the offers. The service provider offers deals on the newest iPhones and Galaxy phones, as well as on more affordable handsets.

A quick disclaimer: all the monthly prices we have detailed here are based on the recommended Tesco Mobile data plan at the time of writing and are subject to change depending on your selected tariff.

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Best Tesco Mobile Samsung Galaxy deals

Okay, we start with Samsung phones. If you're looking for your next Galaxy upgrade, Tesco Mobile is ready to offer you a lot of deals across a lot of different Galaxy models. The carrier is offering great prices for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, and the Galaxy S22 and it's bigger sibling. You can also claim some free stuff with your purchase right now.

And, for the newest addition to the Galaxy family, the S23 series, Tesco also has some sweet discounts. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is available with Clubcard prices. See all the generous deals down below.

Galaxy S23 Ultra: Claim £150 when you trade-in an eligible smartphone

The newest flagship beast, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, is now available to buy from Tesco Mobile. You can now save when you trade-in an eligible smartphone (offer will be valid until June 27). You can also enjoy 6 months of Disney+ from Samsung. Price below Unlimited - Clubcard price.
£54 99 /mo
£69 49
Buy at Tesco

Galaxy S23 Plus: Claim £100 when you trade-in an eligible smartphone

The middle brother of the Galaxy S23 Plus family is available at its retail price at Tesco Mobile at the moment. You get to enjoy 6 months free Disney Plus from Samsung with the purchase of this phone. Price below with 25GB data.
£53 49 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Galaxy S23: Claim £100 when you trade-in an eligible smartphone

The 'vanilla' Galaxy S23 is also available at its retail price right now. You also get to benefit from the six months free Disney Plus trial from Samsung. You can also save if you trade in an eligible smartphone. Price below with 25GB data plan.
£46 49 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Galaxy Z Fold 4: claim a free Note Pack

The newest addition to Samsung's premium foldable phones is now here: the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Tesco Mobile is currently offering a great deal for this foldable beast. You get a free Note Pack with the purchase. Additionally, you benefit from the Disney+ for 6 months offer. With 25GB data, you pay for this phone £72.49 /month with no upfront cost.
£72 49 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Galaxy Z Flip 4: Claim £150 when you trade-in an eligible smartphone

Tesco Mobile is offering the Galaxy Z Flip 4 at its retail price right now, but you can save if you trade-in (offer valid until June 27). The 6 months of Disney Plus from Samsung offer is also available for this clamshell foldable. With 12GB data, you pay for this phone £48.99 /month and 0 upfront.
£48 99 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Samsung Galaxy S22: Claim £100 when you trade-in an eligible smartphone

The Galaxy S22 is available with Clubcard discounts on select plans at the moment. On top of that, get 6 months of Disney+ from Samsung for the S22. Of course, you can choose your own data plan that will fit your needs as well. Price below with the Clubcard discount on the 25GB data plan.
£33 99 /mo
£43 99
Buy at Tesco

Best Tesco Mobile iPhone deals

Tesco Mobile has good offers right now in the iPhone department. The new iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 and its family get Apple TV+ free trials, and so does the powerful and yet affordable iPhone SE 3rd gen.

iPhone 14: Clubcard prices for select plans

The new iPhone 14 is available at Tesco Mobile with a great offer on select plans - you get Clubcard discounts. Also, enjoy three months free Apple TV+ with the purchase. Monthly price below with the Clubcard price for 25GB data.
£37 99 /mo
£42 99
Buy at Tesco

Apple iPhone 13: 3 months Apple TV+ for free

Right now, you get 3 months Apple TV+ for free with your purchase of the iPhone 13 at Tesco Mobile. With the 12GB data, you pay £38.49 /month over 36 months.
£38 49 /mo
Buy at Tesco

iPhone 12 + AirPods Pro bundle: 3 months Apple TV+ for free

Tesco Mobile is also offering the iPhone 12 with the AirPods Pro bundle with the same 3 month Apple TV+ for free deal, which will ensure you're having a great Apple experience. As for the plans, the plan that can help you get the most for the least money is again the 25GB plan, with which you get additional 13GB (over the 12GB plan) for just an additional £1 a month. Pay £41.99 /month for 12GB of data over 36 months.
£41 99 /mo
Buy at Tesco

iPhone 11: 3 months Apple TV+ for free

If you chose to go for the iPhone 11, Tesco Mobile is offering again for you to benefit from the Apple TV+ for free for 3 months trial. Prices stay fixed here as well. In terms of the best plan you can pick with your new iPhone 11, the carrier is offering double the data over the 6GB data plan for an extra £2.50 a month for the 12GB data plan. In our opinion, a very good offer. With 12GB data, you pay £31.99 /month over 36 months.
£31 99 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Apple iPhone SE (2022): 3 months Apple TV+ free

Again, here you get prices stay fixed guarantee and Apple TV+ for free for three months. You will pay for this phone £29.99 /month over 36 months with the 12GB data plan.
£29 99 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Best Tesco Mobile Motorola deals

On the Motorola front, you get no price hikes unlike many other carriers. For the moment though, there are no other Motorola deals. This article gets regularly updated so don't hesitate to check back later for changes.

Motorola Edge 20: prices stay fixed

Now, you can get the Motorola Edge 20 with the prices stay fixed guarantee. With the 12GB data plan, you pay £24.99/month over 36 months.
£24 99 /mo
Buy at Tesco

Best Tesco Mobile Oppo deals

Oppo has been gaining popularity recently. However, there are no deals at Tesco Mobile on Oppo phones at the moment. When this changes, we'll make sure to include the offers here. Check back later.

Are Tesco Mobile deals worth it?

Tesco Mobile is actually the first retailer that has decided to jump into the mobile service providing, and has managed to earn itself the respect of its customers when it comes to choice and customer service. As you can see above, the carrier offers a wide variety of deals across the most premium handsets, as well as more affordable and budget-friendly devices, as well as bundles to complete your mobile ecosystem. The deals it offers are worth it for many reasons, and on top of that, the service provider often has more than one deal on a device that you can benefit from.

Additionally, Tesco Mobile offers Clubcard prices for some of the phones in its portfolio which can get the deals even more irresistible. Pretty much, that's one of the carriers that offers quite a wide variety of generous deals, and if you're looking to save some money, we would definitely recommend checking out Tesco Mobile.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Tesco Mobile?

Yes. In order to keep your current number and switch to Tesco Mobile, you will need to get your PAC code. Before you switch, text PAC to 65075 for free from your old phone, using your old SIM Card. You will get your PAC code within 60 seconds as a text message, and it will remain valid over the next 30 days. Then, you need to port your phone number to Tesco Mobile.

To port your number to Tesco Mobile, you can text PORT to 23424 for free from your new SIM (when it arrives). If you don't want to wait for your new SIM to port your number, you can also give your PAC code when Tesco Mobile is processing your order. Switching your number to Tesco Mobile will be done as quickly as possible, but keep in mind that the process may sometimes take up to 5 days to be completed.

How easy is it to switch to Tesco Mobile?

It is quite easy to switch to Tesco Mobile. If you want to keep your current number and use it with your new SIM, you need to follow the procedure above and get your PAC number. If you prefer to ditch your old number and get a new one, you will need a STAC code.

To get your STAC code, you can text STAC to 75075 for free from your old phone, before you switch. Within the next 60 seconds, you will receive a text message with your STAC code, and it will be valid for 30 days. You then need to give your STAC code to Tesco Mobile so the carrier can move your connection. And that's it!

Do Tesco price match on phones?

Well, no. Tesco has a price matching policy but it does not apply to electronics (yes, including phones). So far, for 2022, Tesco does price matches on food items in a wide range of stores. But no, phones aren't included.

Is Tesco Mobile as good as EE?

EE is the best network in the UK both in terms of coverage and speed, and it does outmatch Tesco Mobile in this department. However, if you want a low price and flexibility, Tesco Mobile is worth considering. It piggybacks on O2's network, so it is a great choice if you're already a Tesco or O2 customer.

Can I get an upgrade on Tesco Mobile?

Yes. Tesco Mobile has something called Anytime Upgrade Flex, which allows you to change your plan at any time (up, as well as down), as well as upgrade your phone whenever you want. The Anytime Upgrade Flex plan allows you to upgrade your new phone at anytime in your contract, without any extra charges. As for the data allowance, you can flex it down as well as up, again anytime in your contract.

Why choose Tesco Mobile?

Tesco Mobile offers a very impressive range of services, which make choosing it a great option. The service provider has all the latest handsets, it offers flexible contracts and a great range of SIM-only deals, such as Unlimited Data. On top of that, it runs on O2's network, so it has great 4G coverage and 5G available at no extra cost.

Throw in the mix the benefits of Clubcard points and exclusive Clubcard discounts, Tesco Mobile offers great value for money. Additionally, customers declare it one of the best providers in terms of customer service and reliability too.

Tesco Mobile Extras and Benefits

Tesco Mobile has a lot of Extras and Benefits. For one, the service provider offers Family Perks if you have two or more Tesco pay-monthly phones linked to the same account. With this offer, you get to choose from several free extras every month, which include 150MB to 1GB of data, up to £2 off your bill, up to £2.25 off insurance, up to 200 Tesco Clubcard points, up to 500 minutes of calls to any network, and 500 minutes to other Tesco Mobile phones. And you can choose a new perk every month!

Additionally, Tesco Mobile offers Tesco Mobile Protect insurance for your new phone. You need to go for insurance as you're buying your phone (you can't add it after your contract has started). The service providers offers two different types of insurance: full cover in case of damage, theft, or loss; or damage insurance.

On top of that, you get Tesco Clubcard benefits like discounts and points, phone upgrades at any time, and free roaming in the EU (because it runs on O2's network).

Tesco Mobile trade-in and trade-up

As many of you may probably know, trading in your old phone and getting a bit of cash back is a great offer. Tesco Mobile can sort it out for you. With their Trade-in and Trade-up program you can either take the case for your old phone or make a saving towards your new phone and contract. Either way, you receive the payment the same day that your old phone is traded in.

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