Total War: Medieval II’s biggest expansion lands on iOS and Android next week

Total War: Medieval II’s biggest expansion lands on iOS and Android next week
The Total War: Medieval series is living its second life on mobile after it made so many gamers happy on PC. Typically ported by Feral Interactive with the help of the fine folks at Creative Assembly, the Total War: Medieval games have found a suitable home on Android and iOS.

Today, Feral Interactive announced that one of its most recent games, Total War: Medieval II, is getting a massive expansion next week: Kingdoms. Launched on PC nearly 15 years ago, the Kingdoms expansion brings new territories to explore and conquer and new troops to command.

One of the biggest expansions ever released for a Total War game, Kingdoms features no less than four full-fledged campaigns that focus on expanded maps of the British Isles, Teutonic Northern Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

  • Americas: The technologically sophisticated Spanish conquistadores begin their brutal conquest of the New World. Resisting them are Aztecs, Mayans and four other meso-American peoples, ready to use their overwhelming numbers to send the invaders back across the ocean.
  • Britannia: A five-way struggle for dominance of the British Isles. England must defend herself on all sides from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Norway, as they vie for the prize of the English throne.
  • Crusades: Charismatic leaders such as Richard the Lionheart and Saladin wage war for the Holy Land in a pivotal clash of civilizations and religions.
  • Teutonic: The ruthless Teutonic Order of German crusading knights lead a bloody campaign, backed by the Holy Roman Empire, to deliver the Pagan peoples of the north to Christianity.

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Kingdoms is a big expansion not just because it brings four entire new campaigns, but also thanks to the total of 14 brand new playable factions, as well as 10 favorites returning to the fray.

Total War: Medieval II – Kingdoms expansion releases for iOS and Android on November 10 and it will be available as a single in-app purchase for $6.99.

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