T-Mobile unveils ultra-affordable Magenta First Responder plans

T-Mobile unveils ultra-affordable Magenta First Responder plans
T-Mobile is kicking off the week in style, unveiling yet another killer deal likely to make Verizon and AT&T scramble for a response. After treating military personnel (and their families) to massive discounts on their unlimited plans about a year and a half ago in a move quickly mimicked by the competition, the "Un-carrier" is introducing similar monthly price cuts for first responders (and their families) expected to prompt the same chain reaction across the industry.

Technically, Magenta is the one actually following Big Red and Ma Bell's suit this time around, but unsurprisingly, the discounts announced today and scheduled to come into effect Friday, November 1, are miles better than what the nation's top two wireless service providers are currently offering. We're talking 50 percent off family lines, which is the exact same deal that active members of the military, as well as veterans, and their families can get at T-Mo.

Of course, the savings may not sound very impressive for first responders interested in just one new line of service. Instead of paying $70 a month for a standard Magenta plan, you'll be coughing up 55 bucks with the Magenta First Responder option. The big discounts start to add up as you activate more and more lines, with the second one costing $25 a month, and the third, fourth, and fifth each available at only 10 extra bucks.

That means a family of four can get unlimited Magenta service at just $100 all in all with this amazing first responder deal, compared to paying $180 a month without any special discounts. Obviously, T-Mobile couldn't let such a golden opportunity to take a swipe at its rivals slide, pointing out its new promotion can save a family of four up to $720 a year compared to Verizon's first responder plans. And that's not even counting the taxes and fees the "Un-carrier" includes with all its plans.

In case you're wondering, there's absolutely no difference between Magenta First Responder and "regular" Magenta plans in terms of features and perks. And yes, there's also a Magenta Plus First Responder option available at $100 for two lines, $120 for three lines, $140 for four lines, and $160 for five lines with some cool extra stuff included.

All you need to do to qualify for these very reasonable prices is confirm your eligibility at activation as a state or local law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency response personnel, pensioned retiree, or a parent, child, or spouse of a first responder killed in the line of duty. 

There's also a separate deal coming November 1 to hook you up with a Samsung phone (Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ included) at half off. This will obviously be available for a limited time only and require you sign up for monthly installments on a Magenta First Responder line.



1. rapidturtle

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 28, 2019

Cops and firefighters where I live are paid a lot of money, retire young, and get another job in the field and make even more money. Hows about throwing a bone to a construction worker that has to work until the age of 65, with a worn out body.

2. Plutonium239

Posts: 1239; Member since: Mar 17, 2015

That's not the case everywhere, dude. Also tow truck drivers are considered first responders and most tow truck drivers get paid on comission and pay can vary greatly and there is often no guaranteed minimum pay.

3. KickRocks

Posts: 282; Member since: Mar 22, 2011

Excellent news to wake up to on a Monday morning! T-Mobile for first responders is WINNING!!

4. Darrell713

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 28, 2019

Why isn't this courtesy extended to Federal Law Enforcement Officers?

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