T-Mobile is moving one step closer to its impending 2G shutdown with free new 5G phones

T-Mobile is moving one step closer to its impending 2G shutdown with free new 5G phones
Even though 5G innovations are finally starting to make a real-life difference for millions of people in the US (and billions worldwide) and 6G networks are right around the cornerin development, 2G technology is still making headlines in 2023. 

We're talking about a cellular standard here introduced all the way back in 1991, which is somehow alive and well (more or less) as we speak on one of the largest and most technologically advanced mobile networks stateside. But that's not going to be true much longer, as originally confirmed by T-Mobile earlier this year and reiterated in a bunch of internal documents circulating over the last few days.

These have been consulted and made public by The Mobile Report (who else?), mostly including information that was either already known or easy to guess. T-Mo's April 2, 2024 2G network shutdown date is mentioned a number of times and thus pretty much etched in stone unchanged and unlikely to change, which gives impacted customers a relatively narrow window of time to take action and make sure their service will not be terminated next spring.

Who is affected, what can you do, and what is T-Mobile doing?

We don't imagine there are a lot of people in the US left rocking a non-4G LTE or 5G-capable phone nowadays, but if you're in that situation for some reason, Magenta will try its best to contact you (if that hasn't happened already) and help you embrace the newest mobile standards and technologies under the sun.

The "Un-carrier" has apparently started to send direct mail, email, and text message notifications to any and all potentially affected customers on October 2, making people aware of the very easy ways they can get a new phone or SIM card for software updates.

If you are stuck with a 2G-only mobile device following T-Mobile's 3G network shutdown last year, you should know you can effortlessly qualify for a killer deal with virtually no strings attached. All you need to do is visit a magenta-coated brick and mortar store after receiving one of the aforementioned notifications and... ask for a free smartphone.

Depending on your luck, available inventory, and possibly your own personal preferences, T-Mo will give you a Nokia G310, Moto G 5G (2022 or 2023 edition), REVVL 6 5G, REVVL 6 Pro 5G, TCL 30 XE 5G, TCL Flip Go, or OnePlus Nord N300 5G at no charge with no monthly bill credits or other hoops to jump through.

Wait a minute...

While this promotional campaign is far from new, having been originally kicked off more than a year ago, the 5G-enabled Nord N300 appears to be a very recent addition, which means that particular device should be relatively easy to score for free in a retail store... if you hurry and specifically ask for it.

Given how much better the Nord N300 5G is compared to everything else on the list, you might want to do just that and jump from 1991 straight to 2023 (or at least 2022) with a smooth 90Hz screen, reasonably powerful MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor, large 5,000mAh battery with blazing fast 33W charging capabilities, and of course, blazing fast Ultra Capacity and Extended Range 5G network support.

Then again, if you're switching from an ancient and rudimentary non-4G and non-5G handset, anything on that list should feel like a major upgrade in everything from network speeds to processing power to good old fashioned voice call clarity and stability. Just pay attention to T-Mobile's notifications and make the switch already!

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