Sizzling hot Sony SRS-XV500 deal lets you rock karaoke nights without breaking the bank

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Sizzling hot Sony SRS-XV500 deal lets you rock karaoke nights without breaking the bank
Released several months ago, the large-sized Sony SRS-XV500 finally got a substantial price cut on Amazon. Right now, you can get this fella at $100 off, which lands it at its best price ever. The deal won’t remain active for long, so you don’t have much time to act on it.

Sony SRS-XV500 (new model): save $100 at Amazon

The newly-released Sony SRS-XV500 is now available at $100 off its price tag, which lands it at its best price on Amazon. The speaker was released in January 2024 and offers a thumping sound with crisp vocals, giving you an amazing party experience. It also has guitar and mic inputs for memorable karaoke nights. With a total playtime of up to 25 hours, it won't turn down the heat at the worst possible moment. Get yours at its best price and enjoy your savings!

While this is technically a portable Bluetooth speaker, Sony advertises it as a party karaoke speaker. So, if you and your friends love this kind of entertainment, you should definitely consider getting the XV500 for your next party. At its current price, the speaker unit gives you way more bang for your buck.

Before moving on, we should note that this bad boy is much larger than most portable Bluetooth speakers. It weighs about 11.2kg, so it’s way heavier than the best budget speakers. On the flip side, you have a built-in handle for easy transportation to the next karaoke gathering.

Speaking of which, similarly to JBL’s PartyBox On-The-Go, the XV500 has guitar and microphone inputs. Here, you get two inputs to rock the duets you love the most with a friend. Another thing that’s virtually the same on both party speakers is their IPX4 rating. 

That makes your newly released Sony speaker unit splash-resistant. Since it lacks dust protection, you might want to be careful when you bring it by the ocean. If you need something with a higher protection, consider purchasing one of the best waterproof speakers for the summer.

Sony put some extra thought into the sound profile of this large and powerful party speaker. So, you have a large woofer that emphasizes bass without sacrificing the overall balance of your tunes. In other words, you get crisp vocals, clear mid-range, and a pleasing thump that adds extra depth to beloved jams. 

Finally, while the PartyBox On-The-Go offers a mere six-hour battery life, this handsome speaker unit gives you up to 25 hours of listening time. That’s not something you get from every speaker, as many other options rarely pass the 20-hour mark.

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Ultimately, this speaker may be on the larger side of things, but it’s contemporary (after all, it was released this January), offers superb sound, and long battery life. All of that makes it a fantastic choice for music lovers. Get yours through Amazon’s time-sensitive deal and rock the next karaoke party.

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