Siri and Google Assistant can be considered equal now in the eyes of Walmart shoppers

Siri and Google Assistant can be considered equal now in the eyes of Walmart shoppers
Siri has been having trouble keeping up with Google Assistant and Alexa in terms of accuracy and convenience for quite some time now, but at least as far as Walmart shoppers are concerned, Apple's AI is catching up with the competition. 

The world's largest retailer unveiled a very handy Voice Order service back in April to rival Amazon's Alexa-powered hands-free shopping capabilities, and after seven months of Google Assistant exclusivity, the feature now works with Siri as well. The digital assistant can be summoned on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod, or even in the car with CarPlay to help you shop for groceries while also getting other stuff done. 

The new Siri Shortcut for Online Grocery is about as straightforward and easy to use as you can imagine, allowing you to add items to your digital cart without lifting a finger after pairing your accounts. All you need to do is access the "Voice Shopping" menu in your account page after opening up the popular Walmart Grocery app, and Siri will be all ears, promising to learn from your shopping habits and purchase history to make the experience smooth and seamless.

You just have to place a couple of orders, and at least in theory, the app will then be able to "quickly and accurately" identify the items you want to buy based on the most basic voice commands. For instance, instead of asking Siri to add a specific kind of milk or a particular quantity of fruit to your cart, you can say the generic item and your virtual assistant will take care of the details, essentially repeating your previous orders.

"Add to Walmart" is the magic phrase, by the way, followed by the actual item you want to quickly pick up on the way from work or have delivered at your doorstep. That leaves only one major voice assistant unsupported by the Walmart Grocery app, but something tells us hell will freeze over before Amazon agrees to further enhance the reach of its arch-rival's Voice Order platform.


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