Samsung adds the Galaxy S22 family to its official Self-Repair program ahead of the S23 launch

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Samsung adds the Galaxy S22 family to its official Self-Repair program ahead of the S23 launch
Expected for a really, really, really, reeeeeally long time and finally inaugurated less than six months ago, Samsung's official Self-Repair program for (select) Galaxy smartphones and tablets is today expanding to a bunch of additional devices.

These are unsurprisingly the premium S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra handsets, as well as the 15-inch Galaxy Book Pro and 15-inch Book Pro 360 PCs, all of which are now much easier to fix than ever before from the comfort of your own home... as long as said home is located in the US.

Everything is still done in partnership with iFixit, of course, with Samsung's dedicated support webpage redirecting you to said partner when "starting" the self-repair process to "find the repair solution that's right for you." iFixit's website will then let you select the device you want to repair and hook you up with a few key components that tend to break more frequently than others.

In the case of the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra, these include a USB-C charge port, back glass, and a complete screen and battery assembly. The latter combination of genuine Samsung parts is obviously the most expensive across the board, setting you back as much as $239.99 if you own a badly damaged Ultra member of the company's latest "mainstream" high-end smartphone family.

The S22 and S22+ screen and battery assemblies, meanwhile, are priced at $166.99 and $189.99 respectively, with both USB-C charge ports and rear panels for the entire Galaxy S22 series fetching $66.99 a pop.

Those are not exactly the lowest... or highest prices imaginable for such components, but more than anything, Samsung probably needs to continue expanding the program to cover a larger variety of parts, as well as a higher number of devices.

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For the time being, this is certainly better than nothing, and with the Galaxy S23 series right around the corner, it makes us hopeful those next-gen Android flagships will join the Self-Repair party a little earlier than a whole year down the line.

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