Rigorous Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G durability test proves Samsung has come a long way (video)

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Rigorous Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G durability test proves Samsung has come a long way (video)
If you're a fan of futuristic mobile devices aiming to change the traditional way we interact with our phones and blur the lines between different categories of gadgets, you might recall how much time it took Samsung to get its rookie foldable effort ready for a commercial debut... and how the OG Galaxy Fold collapsed in the hands of influencers and reviewers mere days ahead of its planned release.

The company had to go back to the drawing board at the last minute and essentially overhaul the entire groundbreaking design to improve its structural integrity, which for the most part happened... nearly six months later

Of course, the first-gen Galaxy Fold still felt rather unpolished and overall excessively priced, even in its "fixed" form, which is definitely not what we can say about its sequel. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is by no means affordable, and just like its more conventional "cousins", it arguably has its fair share of flaws. But when it comes to build quality, this bad boy makes an outstanding first, second, and third impression.

If you don't believe us, you should have no problem trusting Zack Nelson from popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, who destroys fragile smartphones with his bare hands for a living, but surprise, surprise, couldn't tear apart or damage the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 as easily as its predecessor.

Dust shall not pass

Billed as an "advanced engineering marvel", the "Hideaway Hinge" of this flexible powerhouse is not only, well, flexible and discreet but also sealed shut right off the bat, leaving no room for dirt to slip underneath the main display and cause short or long-term functionality damage.

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Granted, the tests performed by Nelson have absolutely no scientific value, but it seems unlikely that any (sane) Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G owner could ever subject their pricey new device to a higher degree of abuse than the one demonstrated in the video above. We also don't see how your phone could enter in contact with more dust and rocks in real life even over a long period of time, so this is probably something you'll never have to worry about again. 

Another completely unscientific yet extremely promising aspect of Nelson's video is seeing the phone handle multiple violent slams of its two halves without budging. But by far the most impressive thing is the way the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G passes the traditional bend test.

No structural damage here

Yes, this is a totally "uncrackable cracker", made from a premium combination of glass and metal... with a lot of plastic and even rubber thrown in for good measure and extra protection. But while brute force can't get the foldable to fold the wrong way and snap in half, an innocent fingernail will still wreak plenty of screen havoc.

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We know what you're thinking. Where's the innovative "Ultra Thin Glass" borrowed from the surprisingly popular Galaxy Z Flip? The answer, we're afraid, is most likely underneath the thick plastic layer applied on top of the plastic 7.6-inch screen, which is probably better for the overall durability but certainly not great as far as scratch resistance goes.

It goes without saying you should absolutely not try to peel off that plastic screen protector to get to the UTG layer because you're obviously not dealing with a conventional screen protector. By the way, Samsung includes one of those pre-installed on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G as well, and while removing it won't cause any structural damage whatsoever, it will make your phone more susceptible to scratches and cracks. 

Speaking of cracks, you should be careful with both the exterior 6.23-inch screen and the back of the device, which are made of the toughest available glass, thus resisting scratches but not drops on hard surfaces. Finally, it's worth mentioning that the side-mounted fingerprint scanner is... not great, losing its accuracy and ultimately its functionality when facing dust and scratches respectively.

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