Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing and Hands-on

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The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is here: a $2,000 transformer of a phone that folds out to reveal a giant, tablet-sized 7.6" screen.

So let's unbox the Z Fold 2, shall we?

Samsung's new foldable comes in a box about twice the width of a regular smartphone box, and even the design of the box is innovative and cool: it opens up like butterfly wings to reveal its contents. Here is what's inside:

In the box:

  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • 25W Power Adapter w/ USB-C
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • In-ear USB-C headphones (only included with international models, not included with US model)
  • SIM tool
  • User Manual
  • Galaxy Z Premier Service Leaflet, Brand Story Leaflet

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

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$1799 99
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Unlike other top-tier Samsung phones, the Z Fold 2 comes in one versions: a universal model that comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (full specs here). That's great news since the Exynos chip that Samsung uses on other flagship phones like the Note 20 and S20 series is considered slightly underperforming when compared to the Snapdragon equivalent in the United States. There are still other differences depending on the market: a pair of USB-C headphones is included in the European version (the one we have), but headphones are missing in the box of the US-bound model.

No case, no wireless headphones in the box

There are two other things that are NOT included in the box: there is no case and there are no wireless headphones either.

Both of these would have been nice to have. Samsung is separately selling two official cases for the Z Fold 2: one is its leather cover, and the other one is a kickstand case. While the phone does fold and the inner screen will be protected, we would still feel safer having an external case that would protect the phone from scratches and light falls.

As to the missing wireless headphones, that was a freebie that Samsung included with the original Galaxy Fold last year, but not this time around unfortunatel.y

We should also note that the Z Fold 2 comes with a removable plastic screen protector. Don’t remove it yourself, though! While you technically can, Samsung advises you to go to a Samsung service center and have a specialist remove it for you, or you risk damaging the screen.

Speaking of that precious large screen, one nice extra is that if you happen to somehow break it, a screen replacement will cost you just $150, a reassuring gesture on Samsung's part. The company does this to reassure and promote this phone to even the clumsier tech enthusiasts. Keep in mind that this $150 price only applies for one screen replacement, if you break the screen a second time, non-discounted prices apply and on the original Fold that used to be a hefty $600 fee.

Hands-on impressions

After using it for a couple of hours, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 feels way more refined than the original. Samsung is using ultra-thin glass for the display and the whole construction of the phone is very solid. The biggest improvements, however, might be in the hinge: it adjusts with a nice, smooth feel and you can leave the phone tilted at an angle and it will hold that angle without wobbling.

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When folded, the phone is surprisingly narrow and grippable. At the same time, though, it's quite thick and tall, so while technically it does fit in a pocket, it's definitely not comfortable to carry around this way. If this phone catches on, I imagine fanny packs will also go back in fashion in a snap.

What it's like using it?

As to just using it, let me tell you that everyone at the office was excited to come and try it out. The large screen is super impressive and it brings all of your social media to life, and if you are a gamer, this phone is truly addictive. The only major app that was not optimized to run on the full screen was Instagram, it appeared with a weird letterboxing around the sides.

For all else, the Z Fold 2 felt incredible snappy and responsive. The 7.6" AMOLED screen features beautiful colors and it supports 120 Hertz fast refresh rate. And yes, that crease in the middle is still here because physics, but I quickly got used to it. It is more noticeable if you look at the phone from an angle, but you barely notice it when you look at the phone directly.

Also, the 4,500mAh battery on the inside doesn't sound sufficient to power a giant 7.6" screen for a long time, but for about 1 hour of use, the phone only lost about 6% of battery, which makes me think it will last users through a full day of use. More on that when we finish our battery tests and in the full review that's coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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