Samsung's newest anti-Apple ad bills the Galaxy Z Flip 4 as the ultimate phone for attention seekers

Samsung's newest anti-Apple ad bills the Galaxy Z Flip 4 as the ultimate phone for attention seekers
Even though Samsung's last short commercial designed to draw attention to both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its latest-gen foldable devices while poking fun at Apple (and Apple fans) was not particularly imaginative or groundbreaking in any way, the company appears to have just released a second "On the Fence" ad centered on the same general idea.

The fence metaphor is obviously still present in physical form, with the new 30-second video essentially acting as a direct sequel to the original 30-second clip from last month.

But while the latest commercial kicks off with the same undecided protagonist stuck between the Apple and Samsung worlds as he continues to consider his options, sensing he might be settling for less than the best possible mobile technology, a decision is made by the end of these 30 seconds... and it's completely unsurprising.

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What's somewhat unexpected is the deciding argument used to seal the deal in Samsung's favor, which kinda sorta doesn't put the company in the best position from a public perception standpoint when you think about it.

The Apple user sitting on the fence since early November is convinced to take the leap by a Galaxy Z Flip 4 owner highlighting the folding phone's unrivaled potential to turn heads and basically make non-foldable users jealous.

That's certainly something that could come up in a casual conversation between friends owning different phones, but at the same time, it feels a little superficial and shallow to actually be used as an official selling point by a tech giant of Samsung's caliber. 

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is undeniably more than just eye candy too, earning very solid reviews after keeping most of its predecessor's specs and features unchanged... save for a substantial battery upgrade and a more than welcomed design refinement.

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There are a whole bunch of reasons why this bad boy is by far the world's best-selling foldable device, and none of those are clear in these two "On the Fence" videos, which makes for some pretty ineffective advertising. On top of everything, there's no viral moment, joke, or character we can single out in these ads, like, say, notch haircut dude from several years back or even creepy waving kid from just a few months ago.

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