Samsung urges Apple fans to get off the fence and stop waiting for their iPhones to become 'epic'

Samsung urges Apple fans to get off the fence and stop waiting for their iPhones to become 'epic'
If you're still on the (metaphorical) fence about the latest (and arguably greatest) foldable devices around, Samsung is today making yet another clever attempt at attracting your attention (and eventually, your business) by... putting an actor on a literal fence between the iPhone and Galaxy ecosystems.

If that sounds eccentric or downright bizarre, then you must not be very familiar with the advertising efforts of the world's number one smartphone vendor, which have recently included essentially painting Apple fans as brainwashed and ruthlessly mocking the iPhone 14 launch before it even took place.

If you do remember Samsung's simple yet decidedly savage and effective "Buckle Up" ad from a couple of months ago, you'll undoubtedly recognize the strategy employed in a new 30-second video suggestively titled "On the Fence."

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What the company is once again trying to do is basically shame you into buying its products now rather than waiting for Apple to join the foldable segment and put "epic cameras" on its more mainstream iPhones.

As usual, of course, Samsung risks alienating many prospective buyers of devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and S22 Ultra that might be hesitating to pull the trigger for other reasons than blind Apple loyalty.

At the end of the day, however, it's probably best not to take the eternal Samsung vs Apple debate too seriously and view this undeniably fun little commercial as an innocent piece of entertainment. Also, regardless of what neat things might be hidden on the other side of a (physical) fence, it's worth keeping in mind that climbing and jumping over such a construction can be dangerous out in the real world. Maybe try a gate or something instead.

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