New report reveals several exciting Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 features

New report reveals several exciting Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 features
The Galaxy Tab S4 powerhouse will apparently be followed by a vastly improved Tab S6

After Samsung's announcement of the upper mid-range Galaxy Tab S5e back in February, everyone expected a high-end Tab S5 to follow eventually in the footsteps of that Snapdragon 670-powered 10.5-incher and last year's Snapdragon 835-based Galaxy Tab S4 10.5.

But as revealed just yesterday by not one, but two rock-solid sources, it seems Samsung will be skipping a number in its premium Android slate branding scheme, planning to release a Galaxy Tab S6 soon instead of a Tab S5. We already know how this bad boy looks on the outside, thanks to a whole batch of pictures made public by the folks over at SamMobile, and now 91mobiles helps fill in some of the blanks in the original report relating to the upcoming tablet's specs and features.

The world's first tablet with an in-display fingerprint sensor

While the Galaxy Tab S4 comes with an iris scanner and facial recognition method that can't exactly rival Apple's 2018 iPad Pro generation in terms of authentication security and reliability, the Tab S5e settles for a good old fashioned physical fingerprint reader, located on one of its sides, just like on the Galaxy S10e.


Although that gets the job done with satisfactory accuracy and speed, it's not a very... modern technology. The sleek Galaxy Tab S6 is now said to adopt a sleek in-display fingerprint recognition mechanism that will essentially be invisible to the naked eye. That would eliminate the hassle of reaching for a side-mounted biometric sensor in a somewhat awkward position, while helping substantially reduce screen bezels compared to a device housing a traditional front-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Then again, this undeniably cool technology is simply not particularly good for the time being when it comes to speed and reliability, despite Samsung's continued efforts to improve those aspects on the Galaxy S10 and S10+. Hopefully, the Galaxy Tab S6 will integrate a newer, more stable generation of Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint authentication product.

Dual rear camera with 13MP primary sensor and 5MP ultra-wide lens

Perhaps the most surprising part of yesterday's report (naming leap aside) was the dual shooter rumor. That's a highly unusual feature for a tablet, and at first, we didn't know what to expect, speculating the second imaging sensor on the back of the Galaxy Tab S6 could be a ToF (time-of-flight) affair equipped with futuristic capabilities like real-time 3D tracking. But apparently, that's not actually the case, as Samsung instead aims to pair this slate's main 13-megapixel cam with a 5MP wide-angle lens.


That should allow the big guy to capture "ultra"-sharp snapshots of panoramic landscapes, covering nearly as much field as your eyes can and producing unforgettable memories. Of course, the age-old question still stands - who takes photographs with 10-inchers when smaller, more capable devices are constantly within reach? Will the Galaxy Tab S6 target an audience of non-smartphone users? If so, you might be slightly disappointed to hear the new tablet is set to retain the single 8MP front snapper of the Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S5e.

The rest of the specs are equally impressive

While nothing is technically etched in stone yet, you can probably bet the house on the Galaxy Tab S6 featuring a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 855 processor (in line with the Galaxy S10 family), as well as 128 and 256GB internal storage options, microSD support for easy expansion with up to an additional 512 gigs, at least 6GB RAM, a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED panel with razor-thin bezels (no words on resolution, though), quad AKG-tuned speakers, DeX support, an optional keyboard, and an "all-new" S Pen.

The refreshed stylus sounds like one of the most exciting potential selling points, magnetically attaching to the back of the slate for charging purposes and hiding a number of neat Bluetooth-enabled tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to pause and skip videos without the user having to interact directly with the Tab S6. Widely expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 10 next month, the high-end tablet is unlikely to come cheap, although we'd rather not venture any pricing guesses at this moment.

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