Yet another key detail about Samsung's Galaxy S21 5G family is already '100%' confirmed

Yet another key detail about Samsung's Galaxy S21 5G family is already '100%' confirmed
Even though there's already very little doubt as to the overall appearance of Samsung's three next ultra-high-end smartphones after a bunch of rigorous recent leaks, it's obviously far too early to know for sure everything about every single tiny detail and facet of the Galaxy S21 (S30) series design. Or so we thought.

For instance, we never expected the full chromatic lineup of a flagship handset trio unlikely to come out before February 2021 (after all) to be thoroughly revealed, and yes, even broken down by specific model as soon as... today. And yet here we are, reporting on the latest piece of gossip distributed by the often reliable display industry analyst Ross Young on Twitter as guaranteed, "100%" confirmed inside information.

Six paint jobs in total, including a welcomed new addition

Say what you will about Samsung, but this is a company that's not afraid to offer plenty of snazzy, eye-catching, sometimes love-or-hate options as far as flagship colors are concerned. By the sound of it, the undoubtedly 5G-capable Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra will be no exception to that rule, playing things safe with always popular (read boring) hues like black and silver while also trying to stand out in presumably conspicuous pink and violet shades.

Interestingly, it seems that the smallest, humblest, and cheapest member of the family will be the only one to come in white in addition to gray, pink, and violet color options. Perhaps even more interestingly, Samsung purportedly plans to make the middle S21 Plus 5G variant available exclusively in black and silver hues while adding a violet flavor on top of those two for the top-of-the-line Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

That violet sure sounds intriguing... and somewhat unusual for Samsung, which released the Galaxy S20 5G roster in every shade from black to gray, blue, white, red, pink, and... a different blue earlier this year, snubbing however something as striking as violet. The tech giant does sell a "Mirror Purple" Galaxy Z Flip that could be an indication of what's coming in less than four months, although it might be wise not to expect something quite as... dazzling, shiny, and transparent.

Meanwhile, it's important to point out that Ross Young is vouching for the accuracy of these "final" colors only for the "initial production" of the Galaxy S21 family. In other words, Samsung could still add more options "later", although generally speaking, that rarely happens outside of special editions like the Verizon-exclusive Cloud White S20 5G UW.

Three main variants, two flat screens, and up to five cameras

Yes, ladies and gents, love them or hate them, flat screens are back with a bang. Following in the footsteps of the "regular" Galaxy Note 20, it looks like both the S21 and S21+ will be snubbing the curvy trend started by none other than Samsung, with the S21 Ultra widely expected to further reduce the already subtle curvature of the S20 Ultra. And to think the company was at one point rumored to go to the other extreme with a "waterfall" Note 20 design.

Of course, the Galaxy S21 5G lineup is not expected to drastically change much about the S20 5G family, consisting of a very similar trio of members sporting 6.2, 6.8, and 6.9-inch displays. The camera modules will look different (although you'll have to decide for yourselves if that particular change is good or bad), with the largely useless 3D Time-of-Flight sensor out of the equation on both the Plus and Ultra models.

In lieu of that, the S21 Ultra could use two different telephoto shooters to try to catch up to Huawei in the zoom photography department while retaining the 108MP primary snapper and upgrading the ultra-wide-angle lens to a 16MP count. The fifth camera will obviously be housed by a tiny hole punch on the front, as Samsung is not yet ready to take the final step towards a truly bezel-less design by embedding said selfie shooter into the otherwise state-of-the-art AMOLED display.

The S21 and S21+ are pretty much guaranteed to share a triple rear-facing camera system composed of 12, 64, and 12MP sensors, but even though that might sound familiar, we naturally expect Samsung to deliver at least incremental upgrades in both the software and hardware performance of these imaging powerhouses.

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