Second-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold could already be in the works with massive screen and S Pen

Second-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold could already be in the works with massive screen and S Pen
2019 was never supposed to be the year foldable mobile devices would break into the mainstream, but at the very least, we fully expected to see a couple of them commercially released in limited numbers in a few key global markets by the end of summer. That may not happen with either the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, but even though the former project is plagued by build quality issues that forced a lengthy delay, also maintaining a general state of uncertainty regarding a revised launch schedule, rumors of an impending sequel are already ramping up.

At first glance, it doesn't make a lot of sense for Samsung to be working on a "second-generation" Galaxy Fold before the first edition is fully "stabilized" and properly rolled out to at least a handful of early adopters. But everyone from smartphone manufacturers to market research firms seems to agree foldable designs are the future of an industry that hasn't been doing particularly well in the last few years. 

Hence, we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung had (general) plans for several Galaxy Fold iterations eyeing commercial availability down the line. Production challenges will undoubtedly be overcome sooner or later, at which point the company needs to be prepared for the next stages of foldable smartphone evolution.

A larger screen, the same fold-in style, and a welcomed upgrade

Now that we've determined it's entirely possible that a Galaxy Fold 2 is already in the pipeline, we have to wonder why there's such conflicting gossip floating around the Korean media. A new report from The Elec (translated) contradicts almost everything ETNews "revealed" just yesterday, begging a pretty obvious question. Which inside sources might be accurate and which ones are making up stuff to get attention?

Of course, there's also a third theory we can think of. What if both devices are actually in the works? We're talking a smaller 6.7-inch model with a somewhat novel foldable implementation (similar to the one rumored for the reborn Motorola Razr) and a jumbo-sized 8-incher rehashing the "fold-in" (or in-folding) method used by the first-gen Galaxy Fold to keep the larger display concealed and rely on an external 4.6-inch panel for one-handed operation.

Unfortunately, we don't know if the Galaxy Fold 2 (that name is never actually mentioned in today's report, by the way) will employ an identical or perhaps larger "cover display" than its forerunner. What we do "know" is that Samsung plans to add S Pen support to the Galaxy Fold's extra-large sequel, which would basically make it a foldable take on the Note 10. We never really understood why the company didn't do that in the first place, otherwise throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Galaxy Fold. Well, better late than never, right?

Could the original Galaxy Fold be discarded?

Speaking of late and never, it's interesting to point out this "Galaxy Fold 2" is currently tipped for a release in December 2019 or the "beginning of next year at the latest." If Samsung were to actually meet that objective (which hardly feels guaranteed), that would leave a rather small window of time for the first-gen to go back on sale and ship around the world.

Given the skepticism surrounding this deeply flawed design, maybe the best course of action would be to simply scrap it and move on to a (hopefully) improved product with a larger main display and S Pen enhancements. At the same time, though, Samsung probably doesn't want to surrender its bragging rights to arch-rival Huawei, so there's still a chance the company will release a small batch of Galaxy Fold units sometime in August or September and then move on to a follow-up effort. 

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